Saturday, December 4, 2010

What Your Cartoon Pictures For Facebook Profile Say About You

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What your cartoon pictures for facebook profile means about you!

Did you choose your cartoon pictures for Facebook profile yet? Here’s what the cartoon pictures of your favorite childhood toon you picked mean about you! If you chose …

Care Bears or Rainbow Brite: You’re loving and sweet

Tinkerbell or Smurfette: You’re coy and sexy

Captain Caveman: You’re loud and fun

She Ra or Heman: You’re tough and fair

Pink Panther: You’re sophisticated and debonair

Bugs Bunny: You’re silly and the life of the party

Foghorn Leghorn: You’re outspoken and strong

Smurfs: You’re friendly and cheerful

Hong Kong Fuey or Grape Ape: You’re funny and outrageous

Penelope Pitstop: You’re smart and sassy

Fat Albert: You’re intelligent and sensitive

Did I miss one? Add your own interpretation below!

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