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Jennifer Connelly is Pregnant! Will Welcome Her 3rd Child

CNO 003505 Jennifer Connelly is Pregnant! Will Welcome Her 3rd Child

Jennifer Connelly will soon be mom to her third child. The glamorous actress – who just turned 40 – is pregnant with her and husband Paul Bettany’s second child, which will be Jennifer Connelly third.

There will be quite a span of ages in the Connelly/ Bettany household. Her son Kai (from a previous relationship) is 13-years-old and her son Stellan with Bettany is already 7-years-old. So just about every seven years Jennifer has a baby!

There is is word when the baby is due or if she is having a boy or a girl, but UsWeekly did confirm that she really is pregnant, no baby bump guessing here.

She and Bettany met back when they were filming A Beautiful Mind together and have been happily married ever since. Jennifer told UsWeekly about her husband that “It was something about the way that we were together,” she said. “He stood out to me as someone singular and rare and beautiful, and I liked the way he was in the world. I liked the way he was with people. I liked the way he was with my son and the way he made me feel.”

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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The King’s Speech: Emily Blunt Talks Her Own Struggles with Stuttering

ALO 128766 1 The Kings Speech: Emily Blunt Talks Her Own Struggles with Stuttering

The King’s Speech will be a royal contender at the 2011 Golden Globes. Today it was nominated for a slew of awards including best motion picture to Colin Firth’s performance. And the film isn’t just a period piece, it’s about a personal struggle that will resonate with many, many people from young and old to rich to poor to the mailroom guy to movie stars, and one movie star in particular…Gulliver’s Travels actress Emily Blunt.

The King’s Speech is about King George VI’s struggle with stuttering. This speech disorder can be debilitating, be it if you are ruling a country or ruling the stage. It’s a struggle that many can relate to, one that Emily Blunt knows about in a very personal way. Emily spoke of her own stuttering issues growing up during an interview with a group of us mommy bloggers for the hilarious upcoming Gulliver’s Travels.

Talking candidly about her stuttering issues Emily said that, “It’s something that is quite an anguish thing for children to go through, and their parents as well.  It was awful for my parents, because you feel quite helpless, because it is actually genetic.   It’s actually hereditary.  It’s not brought on by some awful incident or–it’s not from a nervous disposition.  Scientifically you are programmed to have one or not.  So, in my family, my grandfather had one.  My uncle had one.  And so does my cousin.”

“All men, though.  It’s predominantly–speech impediments are usually a problem for boys,” adding that she was, “spouting all this knowledge because I’m now the chair on a board for this…organization for stuttering.” Although you would never notice it now she added that, “I actually still have one sometimes when I’m relating a story or on the phone.  It’s not something that ever quite leaves you.  You’ll always be one if you are one.  But, you can learn different tools.”

Her advice for parents and kids dealing with a stutter? “The thing that really helped me and that I would really advise kids to do is definitely get help, address it very early, because it gets worse.” Emily’s family started to address her speech issues when she was about eight with her stutter being noticeable when she was about six, she thinks that initially her parents may have thought it was something she would “grow out of.” She had a bad stutter until she was 14.

And the thing that helped her? She said that, “ the thing that helped me was acting. Because there are so many actors I know who stutter.  However, they never do on stage.  And I never stutter when I’m acting.” And from her experience she suggested that, “I would encourage parents to put their kids in acting classes, drama classes, even if they’re super shy and embarrassed.  You often find that you don’t stutter when you’re acting. And I think it’s actually psychologically that really helps you get over a stutter.”

She warns that sometimes, “people misrepresent it and think it’s that the child is autistic or they have learning disability.” But that, “you can spot a stutter very early on and address it very quickly, because it will only get worse.  And adults who have had it their whole lives, it’s so ingrained.  And it’s so sad because it stops people getting jobs.” Adding that, “It limits you in so many ways.”

But it is important to get help early. And she’s doing her part to raise awareness. “There’s an amazing organization that I’m a part of called AIS, which is the American Institute of Stuttering.” She added that,” it is a revolutionary company, and they’re doing amazing things to change peoples lives. And they have a very new method of helping people get through it.”

And there is not a sign of her stutter in Gulliver’s Travel, her newest project, which opens December 22. Later this week we will have more with Emily Blunt on her role in the Jack Black comedy as well as interviews with Jason Segel and Jack Black too!

You can also find out more about the AIS -the American Institute of Stuttering – right here.

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Watch Mariah Carey Christmas Special Video Highlights: Mariah Carey Pregnant Video

watch mariah carey christmas special video merry christmas to you

Watch Mariah Carey Christmas special full video

Watch the Mariah Carey Christmas special highlights in this full video of the Mariah Carey Merry Christmas to You special. If you had any question about whether Mariah Carey is pregnant, I think you’ve got your answer.

Did you watch the Mariah Carey Christmas special last night? What was your favorite moment?

Here are a few highlights from the Mariah Carey Christmas special, although you can watch the entire special in the video below.

“Oh, Santa” kicked off the show with a fun upbeat Christmas tune.

I personally have a thing for the Charlie Brown Christmas song, so I was happy to see Mariah put that in the lineup.

“All I Want for Christmas is You” ends the show and if I already haven’t been singing that every day, this will certainly put it at the top of my holiday set list.

“O Come All Ye Faithful” was a nice moment with her mom, Patricia Carey. Yeah, maybe it was a bit over-the-top, but if diva moments are your thing, this is for you.

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Michael C. Hall Divorce: Five Things About Amy Spanger, His Ex

michael c hall divorce amy spanger jennifer carpenter

Michael C Hall divorce: Five things about his ex, Amy Spanger

Michael C. Hall’s divorce will soon give him two ex-wives: Jennifer Carpenter, his co-star in the decidedly kid-unfriendly “Dexter,” and Amy Spanger, starring in the kid-tastic adaption of “Elf,” the hit Will Ferrell movie. But Spanger’s resume doesn’t include too much else that’s kid-friendly! She and Hall were married from 2002 to 2006, and a year later he and Carpenter wed. Here’s five things about Amy Spanger, including her “American Idol” connection.

1. She’s a Broadway singer and actress with a long list of credits dating back before she wed Hall.

2.  She played Maureen in the first national tour of “Rent” and also appeared in Jonathan Larson’s “tick, tick … BOOM!”

3. She has co-starred twice with former “American Idol” contestant Constantine Maroulis.

4. She and Hall co-starred in “Chicago” together after they married.

5. She also guested on “Six Feet Under,” Hall’s former HBO show.


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Today Show Steals and Deals: Discounts on Aeropostale Coat, Seafood; GPS Sold Out!

today show jills steals and deals selling out crashing sites

Today Show's Steals and Deals Offered Huge Discounts

Today Show’s “Jill’s Steals and Deals” segment returned on December 14 with yet another round of fabulous savings and discount codes… and yes, websites were crashing yet again and their GPS offer sold out in minutes!

Visit the Today Show Steals and Deals website for the product information and discount codes.

Here’s the rundown on the Today Show Steals and Deals for December 14:

World Port Seafood Prized Catch Collection – retails for $214.96, available with Today discount code TODAYSEAFOOD for $49.99.

Daniela Swaebe Necklaces – retail for $150, but available through the Today show deal for $30 with discount code TODAYGALA. The website crashed for this item, so the retailer is recommending people order via email.

Christine Price Handbags – retail between $299 and $329, but are available for $58 through Today show’s code TODAYBAG.

Aeropostale Belted Fur Trim Puffer Coat – retails for $99.50, but is just $25 through the Today show link – no discount code necessary. UPDATE: The puffer coat sold out, but Aeropostale is honoring a coupon for the sale price in stores.

Radio Shack originally offered a GPS product, but sold out of the 10,000 units in just minutes! They are now offering a Samsung Seek for Boost Mobile for $99.99.

Did you get any Today show steals and deals? I got the puffer coat and had no problem with the website or ordering – while some of these offers are a parent’s dream for the savings, it’s frustrating for those that can’t get through to the websites or when the items sell out.

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Liz Hurley Praises Arun Nayar for Being a ‘Great Father’ Following Separation

Liz Hurley praises Arun Nayar for being a 'great father' following separation

Liz Hurley praises Arun Nayar for being a 'great father' following separation

Elizabeth Hurley has praised husband Arun Nayar for being a ‘great father’ to her eight-year-old son Damian as she admitted the couple split for ‘private reasons’.

The 45-year-old British beauty tweeted fans this morning after announcing on Sunday that her three-year marriage is over.  Liz wrote on her Twitter page:

“Painful, sad days. Arun & I separated for private reasons but FTR he has been a great father to our son Damian & will always be in his life.”

Yesterday she posted a message on Twitter telling her fans: ‘Thank you for all your very, very nice messages x’.

Rumors continue to float around that she and Australian Shane Warne had an affair.

The actress and model plans to visit 41-year-old Warne in Melbourne in the New Year to appear on his TV chat show Warnie.

Arun has been the only father figure in the life of the actress/model’s son who was born in 2002.

The Daily Mail discovered the Arun and Liz did not sign a pre-nuptial agreement before their lavish wedding ceremonies in India and Britain in 2007.

Warne confirmed on his website that his own marriage was over. Though divorced, he still lives with ex-wife Simone Callahan and their three children.

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Today Show Steals and Deals: Are There Any Deals Left?? Which Deals Are Still Up for Grabs?

today show steals and dealsThe Today Show had another round of “Jill’s Steals and Deals” up for grabs this morning with a bunch of fabulous savings and discount codes just in time for the holidays.  Of course, the show’s website was flooded with visitors and many of the offers were grabbed up within minutes!

The good news is that not all of the offers are sold out and you still have a chance of grabbing up some of the deals if you move fast!

Visit the Today Show Steals and Deals website to see which of the offers are still available and get all of the fabulous discount codes.

Here is our full list of today’s steals and deals that were offered this morning and here’s our list of what’s still available as of 11:45 AM CST….

 World Port Seafood Prized Catch Collection – Normally retails for $214.96, reduced to $49.99 with the Today Show discount code TODAYSEAFOOD.

Daniela Swaebe Necklaces – Normally retails for $150, but it’s a steal with the Today Show discount at $30 with discount code TODAYGALA. The website crashed for for a while, but they have posted a new link that is now working.

Christine Price Handbags – Typically retails between $299 and $329, but is a steal at for $58 with the Today show’s discount code TODAYBAG.  The website is not currently working, but you can email the website to receive the deal.

Aeropostale Belted Fur Trim Puffer Coat – Normally retails for $99.50, but is a steal at $25 through the Today show discount.  The puffer coat is sold out online, but you can bring coupon to stores to receive the deal.

Radio Shack- Offered a GPS product this morning with sold out of the 10,000 units in minutes!  The retailer is now substituting a Samsung Seek for Boost Mobile for $99.99.

Grab these deals up soon to get some fantastic gifts for your friends and family this holiday sesason!

Were you able to grab up any of the Today show show steals and deals?


Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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