Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December 7 1941: ‘From Here to Eternity’ Classic Pearl Harbor Film

Pearl Harbor [Blu-ray]The History Channel's Pearl HarborDecember 7 1941,the day of the Pearl Harbor attack was a turning point in American history. Many movies were inspired by Pearl Harbor but one of the best films about the Pearl Harbor attack is From Here to Eternity.

The film was based on the bestselling book by James Jones.  From Here to Eternity takes place on an army base in Hawaii in 1941, just before the Pearl Harbor attack.  Movie hunk Montgomery Clift plays a bugler who refuses to fight for the company boxing team.  His refusal results in harsh treatment from his commander.

Actress Deborah Kerr plays the wife of the commander who is having an affair with a sergeant, played by Burt Lancaster.  You might not remember the name of this movie but the scene with Deborah Kerr and Burt Lancaster making out on a beach, as the surf crashes in around them, is a movie classic. The beach scene was pretty racy stuff for the early 1950’s!

From Here to Eternity also stars Frank Sinatra and Donna Reed—who both won Oscars for their roles in the film.  Ernest Borgnine is the villain, playing a stockade sergeant who makes Sinatra’s life hell.  This movie is a classic in many ways and if you haven’t seen From Here to Eternity, you need to watch it!

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