Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Facebook Numbers in Status : Why We facebook Games

facebook numbers game status number what is
Why do we go along with facebook games?

Now we are seeing facebook numbers in status. It’s a like a secret code, where we can talk about whoever we want without all of our facebook friends knowing who we are talking about. A fun game, something new to entertain ourselves with.

Last weekend, it was the cartoon characters in our status updates. We’ve seen others, too. Colors as status updates, changing your picture to one from your childhood or a celebrity that you think you look like.

These facebook trends seem to catch on quickly. Why do we go along with them?

*When we first sign up for facebook, we have fun catching up with old friends or being nosey and see what’s going on with that girl who was our enemy in high school or that guy we had a crush on in college. But, then what? These facebook games give us something else to do.

*Unless you have major excitement in your life, you end up posting the same boring things over and over again. “Went grocery shopping. There was a long line.” Or “Busy day at work.” We have a new facebook status thanks to these games.

*Everyone else is doing it. Ah, yes, I’m not sure that this reason ever goes away, even in adulthood.

Do you have numbers in your facebook status? Why or why not?


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