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Jennifer Connelly is Pregnant! Will Welcome Her 3rd Child

CNO 003505 Jennifer Connelly is Pregnant! Will Welcome Her 3rd Child

Jennifer Connelly will soon be mom to her third child. The glamorous actress – who just turned 40 – is pregnant with her and husband Paul Bettany’s second child, which will be Jennifer Connelly third.

There will be quite a span of ages in the Connelly/ Bettany household. Her son Kai (from a previous relationship) is 13-years-old and her son Stellan with Bettany is already 7-years-old. So just about every seven years Jennifer has a baby!

There is is word when the baby is due or if she is having a boy or a girl, but UsWeekly did confirm that she really is pregnant, no baby bump guessing here.

She and Bettany met back when they were filming A Beautiful Mind together and have been happily married ever since. Jennifer told UsWeekly about her husband that “It was something about the way that we were together,” she said. “He stood out to me as someone singular and rare and beautiful, and I liked the way he was in the world. I liked the way he was with people. I liked the way he was with my son and the way he made me feel.”

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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The King’s Speech: Emily Blunt Talks Her Own Struggles with Stuttering

ALO 128766 1 The Kings Speech: Emily Blunt Talks Her Own Struggles with Stuttering

The King’s Speech will be a royal contender at the 2011 Golden Globes. Today it was nominated for a slew of awards including best motion picture to Colin Firth’s performance. And the film isn’t just a period piece, it’s about a personal struggle that will resonate with many, many people from young and old to rich to poor to the mailroom guy to movie stars, and one movie star in particular…Gulliver’s Travels actress Emily Blunt.

The King’s Speech is about King George VI’s struggle with stuttering. This speech disorder can be debilitating, be it if you are ruling a country or ruling the stage. It’s a struggle that many can relate to, one that Emily Blunt knows about in a very personal way. Emily spoke of her own stuttering issues growing up during an interview with a group of us mommy bloggers for the hilarious upcoming Gulliver’s Travels.

Talking candidly about her stuttering issues Emily said that, “It’s something that is quite an anguish thing for children to go through, and their parents as well.  It was awful for my parents, because you feel quite helpless, because it is actually genetic.   It’s actually hereditary.  It’s not brought on by some awful incident or–it’s not from a nervous disposition.  Scientifically you are programmed to have one or not.  So, in my family, my grandfather had one.  My uncle had one.  And so does my cousin.”

“All men, though.  It’s predominantly–speech impediments are usually a problem for boys,” adding that she was, “spouting all this knowledge because I’m now the chair on a board for this…organization for stuttering.” Although you would never notice it now she added that, “I actually still have one sometimes when I’m relating a story or on the phone.  It’s not something that ever quite leaves you.  You’ll always be one if you are one.  But, you can learn different tools.”

Her advice for parents and kids dealing with a stutter? “The thing that really helped me and that I would really advise kids to do is definitely get help, address it very early, because it gets worse.” Emily’s family started to address her speech issues when she was about eight with her stutter being noticeable when she was about six, she thinks that initially her parents may have thought it was something she would “grow out of.” She had a bad stutter until she was 14.

And the thing that helped her? She said that, “ the thing that helped me was acting. Because there are so many actors I know who stutter.  However, they never do on stage.  And I never stutter when I’m acting.” And from her experience she suggested that, “I would encourage parents to put their kids in acting classes, drama classes, even if they’re super shy and embarrassed.  You often find that you don’t stutter when you’re acting. And I think it’s actually psychologically that really helps you get over a stutter.”

She warns that sometimes, “people misrepresent it and think it’s that the child is autistic or they have learning disability.” But that, “you can spot a stutter very early on and address it very quickly, because it will only get worse.  And adults who have had it their whole lives, it’s so ingrained.  And it’s so sad because it stops people getting jobs.” Adding that, “It limits you in so many ways.”

But it is important to get help early. And she’s doing her part to raise awareness. “There’s an amazing organization that I’m a part of called AIS, which is the American Institute of Stuttering.” She added that,” it is a revolutionary company, and they’re doing amazing things to change peoples lives. And they have a very new method of helping people get through it.”

And there is not a sign of her stutter in Gulliver’s Travel, her newest project, which opens December 22. Later this week we will have more with Emily Blunt on her role in the Jack Black comedy as well as interviews with Jason Segel and Jack Black too!

You can also find out more about the AIS -the American Institute of Stuttering – right here.

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Watch Mariah Carey Christmas Special Video Highlights: Mariah Carey Pregnant Video

watch mariah carey christmas special video merry christmas to you

Watch Mariah Carey Christmas special full video

Watch the Mariah Carey Christmas special highlights in this full video of the Mariah Carey Merry Christmas to You special. If you had any question about whether Mariah Carey is pregnant, I think you’ve got your answer.

Did you watch the Mariah Carey Christmas special last night? What was your favorite moment?

Here are a few highlights from the Mariah Carey Christmas special, although you can watch the entire special in the video below.

“Oh, Santa” kicked off the show with a fun upbeat Christmas tune.

I personally have a thing for the Charlie Brown Christmas song, so I was happy to see Mariah put that in the lineup.

“All I Want for Christmas is You” ends the show and if I already haven’t been singing that every day, this will certainly put it at the top of my holiday set list.

“O Come All Ye Faithful” was a nice moment with her mom, Patricia Carey. Yeah, maybe it was a bit over-the-top, but if diva moments are your thing, this is for you.

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Michael C. Hall Divorce: Five Things About Amy Spanger, His Ex

michael c hall divorce amy spanger jennifer carpenter

Michael C Hall divorce: Five things about his ex, Amy Spanger

Michael C. Hall’s divorce will soon give him two ex-wives: Jennifer Carpenter, his co-star in the decidedly kid-unfriendly “Dexter,” and Amy Spanger, starring in the kid-tastic adaption of “Elf,” the hit Will Ferrell movie. But Spanger’s resume doesn’t include too much else that’s kid-friendly! She and Hall were married from 2002 to 2006, and a year later he and Carpenter wed. Here’s five things about Amy Spanger, including her “American Idol” connection.

1. She’s a Broadway singer and actress with a long list of credits dating back before she wed Hall.

2.  She played Maureen in the first national tour of “Rent” and also appeared in Jonathan Larson’s “tick, tick … BOOM!”

3. She has co-starred twice with former “American Idol” contestant Constantine Maroulis.

4. She and Hall co-starred in “Chicago” together after they married.

5. She also guested on “Six Feet Under,” Hall’s former HBO show.


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Today Show Steals and Deals: Discounts on Aeropostale Coat, Seafood; GPS Sold Out!

today show jills steals and deals selling out crashing sites

Today Show's Steals and Deals Offered Huge Discounts

Today Show’s “Jill’s Steals and Deals” segment returned on December 14 with yet another round of fabulous savings and discount codes… and yes, websites were crashing yet again and their GPS offer sold out in minutes!

Visit the Today Show Steals and Deals website for the product information and discount codes.

Here’s the rundown on the Today Show Steals and Deals for December 14:

World Port Seafood Prized Catch Collection – retails for $214.96, available with Today discount code TODAYSEAFOOD for $49.99.

Daniela Swaebe Necklaces – retail for $150, but available through the Today show deal for $30 with discount code TODAYGALA. The website crashed for this item, so the retailer is recommending people order via email.

Christine Price Handbags – retail between $299 and $329, but are available for $58 through Today show’s code TODAYBAG.

Aeropostale Belted Fur Trim Puffer Coat – retails for $99.50, but is just $25 through the Today show link – no discount code necessary. UPDATE: The puffer coat sold out, but Aeropostale is honoring a coupon for the sale price in stores.

Radio Shack originally offered a GPS product, but sold out of the 10,000 units in just minutes! They are now offering a Samsung Seek for Boost Mobile for $99.99.

Did you get any Today show steals and deals? I got the puffer coat and had no problem with the website or ordering – while some of these offers are a parent’s dream for the savings, it’s frustrating for those that can’t get through to the websites or when the items sell out.

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Liz Hurley Praises Arun Nayar for Being a ‘Great Father’ Following Separation

Liz Hurley praises Arun Nayar for being a 'great father' following separation

Liz Hurley praises Arun Nayar for being a 'great father' following separation

Elizabeth Hurley has praised husband Arun Nayar for being a ‘great father’ to her eight-year-old son Damian as she admitted the couple split for ‘private reasons’.

The 45-year-old British beauty tweeted fans this morning after announcing on Sunday that her three-year marriage is over.  Liz wrote on her Twitter page:

“Painful, sad days. Arun & I separated for private reasons but FTR he has been a great father to our son Damian & will always be in his life.”

Yesterday she posted a message on Twitter telling her fans: ‘Thank you for all your very, very nice messages x’.

Rumors continue to float around that she and Australian Shane Warne had an affair.

The actress and model plans to visit 41-year-old Warne in Melbourne in the New Year to appear on his TV chat show Warnie.

Arun has been the only father figure in the life of the actress/model’s son who was born in 2002.

The Daily Mail discovered the Arun and Liz did not sign a pre-nuptial agreement before their lavish wedding ceremonies in India and Britain in 2007.

Warne confirmed on his website that his own marriage was over. Though divorced, he still lives with ex-wife Simone Callahan and their three children.

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Today Show Steals and Deals: Are There Any Deals Left?? Which Deals Are Still Up for Grabs?

today show steals and dealsThe Today Show had another round of “Jill’s Steals and Deals” up for grabs this morning with a bunch of fabulous savings and discount codes just in time for the holidays.  Of course, the show’s website was flooded with visitors and many of the offers were grabbed up within minutes!

The good news is that not all of the offers are sold out and you still have a chance of grabbing up some of the deals if you move fast!

Visit the Today Show Steals and Deals website to see which of the offers are still available and get all of the fabulous discount codes.

Here is our full list of today’s steals and deals that were offered this morning and here’s our list of what’s still available as of 11:45 AM CST….

 World Port Seafood Prized Catch Collection – Normally retails for $214.96, reduced to $49.99 with the Today Show discount code TODAYSEAFOOD.

Daniela Swaebe Necklaces – Normally retails for $150, but it’s a steal with the Today Show discount at $30 with discount code TODAYGALA. The website crashed for for a while, but they have posted a new link that is now working.

Christine Price Handbags – Typically retails between $299 and $329, but is a steal at for $58 with the Today show’s discount code TODAYBAG.  The website is not currently working, but you can email the website to receive the deal.

Aeropostale Belted Fur Trim Puffer Coat – Normally retails for $99.50, but is a steal at $25 through the Today show discount.  The puffer coat is sold out online, but you can bring coupon to stores to receive the deal.

Radio Shack- Offered a GPS product this morning with sold out of the 10,000 units in minutes!  The retailer is now substituting a Samsung Seek for Boost Mobile for $99.99.

Grab these deals up soon to get some fantastic gifts for your friends and family this holiday sesason!

Were you able to grab up any of the Today show show steals and deals?


Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Mariah Carey Christmas Special: How Did Her Baby Bump Look? (Video)

mariah carey christmas special

Mariah Carey Christmas Special: Santa Suit Baby Bump

The Mariah Carey Christmas Special aired on ABC last night, and featured songs from Mariah Carey’s 2nd Christmas album: Merry Christmas To You. In case you missed it, you can check out the video clip below to watch the Mariah Carey Christmas Special.

After the Mariah Carey Christmas Special aired last night, many people began asking the same question: “Is Mariah Carey pregnant?”

Considering that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon confirmed their pregnancy over a month ago, I’d say that this question has been answered. Yes, Mariah Carey is pregnant…and she looked adorable in her Santa suit on her Christmas Special. People just can’t seem to get enough of her baby bump, and Mariah Carey pregnant pics are in high demand!

Watch the video clip below of the Mariah Carey Christmas Special: What did you think?

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Vanessa Hudgens Birthday : How Will She Celebrate After Her Break-up with Zac Efron?

Vanessa Hudgens Zac Efron break up

Vanessa Hudgens celebrates her 22nd birthday single

Vanessa Hudgens celebrates her twenty-second birthday today, just one day after the announcement that she and long-time boyfriend Zach Efron broke up.

After four years of dating, the couple announced their split, but Vanessa definitely has a lot to celebrate today. There is life after “High School Musical” and Zac Efron.

Vanessa will celebrate with a party at the Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas this coming weekend.

The year ahead looks promising, too. She will be starring in a modern retelling of “Beauty and the Beast,” called “Beastly” with Alex Pettyfer. The movie is set to premiere on March 18, 2011.

A week after that, she takes on a completely different kind of role in “Sucker Punch.” She’s also currently filming yet another movie “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” in Hawaii.

So, despite her break up with cutie Zac Efron, Vanessa’s twenty-second year looks to be an exciting one, even if High School Musical fans might hold out hope that the two will reunite.

Photo: PRPhotos

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Golden Globe Nominations 2011 – Is This Glee’s Year to Win Big? (Video)

golden globe nominations gleeGlee swept away the competition at today’s announcement of the 2011 Golden Globes Nominations!  Is this Glee’s year to win big when the awards show airs on January 16, 2011?

The show is continuing to snag a growing list of award nominations as Matthew Morrison, Lea Michele, Jane Lynch, and Chris Colfer all received the nod for this year’s show.  It will be pure highway robbery if Chris Colfer doesn’t beat out the competition and walkaway with the win for his spot-on performance of Kurt Hummel!

The sophomore hit will defends its 2010 award for Best TV Series - Musical / Comedy and is up for the most awards of any television show this season with a total of five nominations.  Matthew Morrison is up for Best Actor in a Musical / Comedy, Lea Michele is up for Best Actress in a Musical / Comedy, and Jane Lynch is up for Best Supporting Actress in a Musical / Comedy.  Joining the trio this year is Golden Globe newcomer Chris Colfer who received his first nomination for his performance of openly gay high school student Kurt Hummel for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical or Comedy.   

Chris Colfer’s performances this season have been a stand-out on the show that is creating a gaggle of young stars.  His sometimes bullied,  sometimes confident persona cuts through and reaches a personal note with many young fans.  The episode, Grilled Cheesus, most notably showed off the acting skills of this young man who was able to reach somber highs and soul searching lows in the span of a single hour of television.

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PHOTOS: Leighton STRIPS, Talks Wonderful Sex

Leighton Meester covers the January Allure, and inside the magazine she removes her clothes and talks sex, Chuck Bass and her past life as a partier.

Leighton recently said she will leave 'Gossip Girl' in two years, when her contract expires.

Here are some highlights from the interview, scroll down for photos and read more here.

On the Chuck and Blair love affair:
"I can really relate to it--not necessarily because it's this dramatic, tumultuous relationship, but because the way they love each other is very real, and not for the sake of being dramatic. It's actual love. There's nobody for each other but them."

On her former life as a partier:
"We had craaaazy parties, we had DJ's, bands, an ice luge, a fire twirler. One of my roommates burned off her bangs on the stove trying to light a cigarette."

On the supposed rivalry with costar Blake Lively:
"It's unfortunate when women are pitted against each other, like with Sex and the City. People say, 'They're jealous of each other.' Come on! They're all rich, successful, great actresses."

On her love life:
"It's wonderful to be in love. And it's definitely wonderful to cuddle and have sex and get to experience life with somebody. But it's OK if you don't find him and you're 24. You can find it someday."


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Oscar winning actress Jennifer Connelly is pregnant with her third child, and her second child with actor Paul Bettany, the star confirms to Us Magazine.

Connelly has a 13-year old son named Kai, from a previous marriage with photographer David Dugan, and a seven year old named Stellan with Bettany. Stellan is named after the couples friend, the actor Stellan Skarsgård.

The couple met on the set of the 2001 film 'A Beautiful Mind,' for which Connelly won an Academy Award, and then wed in Scotland in 2003. Connelly and Bettany live in Brooklyn, NY.

Connelly is next scheduled to appear in Ron Howard's January comedy, 'The Dilemma.'

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PHOTO: Brooke Burke In A Bikini Talks Diet, Sex

Brooke Burke knows the keys to living a balanced life: exercise and sex.

The model, author and 'Dancing With The Stars' host graces the cover of Shape magazine this month, wearing just a bikini and showing off her trademark body. She gives her favorite exercise tips, and more importantly, talks why it's so important.

"First, you need to be healthy," Burke told the magazine (via People). "That means exercising to relieve stress and build energy. It truly is good for your sex drive to work out."

Certainly a win-win situation. And as for sex? Even if you're a mom, make sure you're having it:

"I'll fess up here," Burke told Shape. "Sometimes we're so tired, it's just a glass of wine and a good night's sleep. But the point is that we're making a commitment to each other and saying, 'We love the kids, but we matter too,'" she confessed about her relationship with actor David Charvet.

Another way Burke keeps in shape: a proper diet. And she's not into fad dieting.

"I've tried just about every crazy diet you can imagine. But now I've learned what really works for my body," she said, with the magazine listing a Mediterranean diet of lean chicken, beef, fish and salad as her preferred menu. "I also eat five small meals a day. And I never skip breakfast, even if it's just a protein shake."

Burke talks much more about her views on motherhood and life balance in her book, 'The Naked Mom,' which was released this year.


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Angelina Jolie: I Laughed At Golden Globe Nomination

BERLIN — Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie and Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck say they're touched and honored to be nominated for several Golden Globe awards for their film "The Tourist."

The three were in Berlin for the premiere Tuesday of the film that was nominated for best picture, best musical comedy actor and actress.

Depp, who was also nominated for his role in "Alice in Wonderland" said he was"very touched by the double nomination.

Jolie said the acknowledgment was an honor, then added "we were laughing because it's the first time that I've been in the comedic category so it's new for me."

German director von Donnersmarck said he was happy with the nomination for "The Tourist," his second film, which opened in the U.S. last week to generally poor reviews.

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Usher Gets Kicked In The Face

NEW YORK — Being a sex symbol has its dangers as Usher learned firsthand at his New York City concert.

The crooner brought an ecstatic female fan onstage Monday night for a serenade of his sensual song "Trading Places" at Madison Square Garden. He sat her on a couch while he caressed her.

Then, after they changed positions, the overexcited fan tried to move her leg to get closer to him. Her stiletto boot heel knocked him in the nose.

The fan tried to smooth things over by massaging Usher's face, but there was no need: Usher wasn't hurt and cracked a joke about it.




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What Will Win The Golden Globe For Best Motion Picture, Drama?

It's a wide open field this year, with no one film pulling away from the others. 'Inception,' Christopher Nolan's psycho sci-fi thriller started out in the pole position, though the Facebook history 'The Social Network' took the lead. 'The Fighter' and 'Black Swan' are earning rave reviews, and 'The King's Speech,' which many have not seen, garnered the most Golden Globe nominations with seven.

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Gwyneth Paltrow Talks Wedding Plans For Son Moses, 4

Here's a tip you might not see on Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop newsletter: arranging a marriage for your four year old child.

Paltrow, on the cover of this month's InStyle, is interviewed by new best friend Faith Hill. Hill and Paltrow grew close as Hill's husband, singer Tim McGraw, co-starred with Paltrow in the country music movie 'Country Strong,' and Hill's daughter is casting her spell on Paltrow's son, too.

"Moses... we might really become family when he marries Audrey!" she told Hill. "My son is in love with your daughter!"

Moses, Paltrow's son with Coldplay singer Chis Martin, is four years old, while Aubrey is nine.

Turning to her new movie, Paltrow, who was honored yesterday with her Hollywood Walk of Fame star, admitted to the country star that she had a ton to learn.

"I've never prepared for anything more in my life. It was a big responsibility. There was studying with an accent coach, learning to play guitar, and of course the singing," she said. "My voice didn't have any power or strength to it at all, and I wanted to try to sing properly. And I was so nervous about performing live scenes in the film because that's so foreign to me."

And the hard work paid, off it seems, when Hill complimented Paltrow's voice. Not that Paltrow was surprised.

"I don't even know how to respond to that in your presence, but thank you," Paltrow says. "You know, last night when I was watching the film, I thought, this is the best job I've ever done. Normally I can't stand to see myself, but with this film I felt like it all came together."

Paltrow plays Kelly Canter, a former country star looking to resurrect her career, with the help of a new boyfriend (played by Garrett Hedlund) and McGraw, who plays her manager. Check out the trailer below:


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What Will Win The Golden Globe For Best Television Drama?

With the announcement of the Golden Globe nominations, the best television drama category seems to be a hotly contested category. This year sees two newcomers, Scorsese's period piece powerhouse Boardwalk Empire and zombie thriller The Walking Dead. Rounding out the nominations are Mad Men, Dexter, and The Good Wife. Who do you think will walk away with the award?

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'The King's Speech': A Guide

Nominated for seven Golden Globes on Tuesday, indie art house film 'The King's Speech' led both the field in award potential and confused looks from movie fans. A limited release film that quietly hit a small number of theaters over Thanksgiving weekend, the British monarchy drama starring Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter has wowed audiences -- or, the few that have seen it.

That said, it's important to know as much as you can about the film as it contends for all the big awards, including Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor. Here's a guide to 'The King's Speech,' for your consideration.

Synopsis (from RottenTomatoes.com):

After the death of his father King George V (Michael Gambon) and the scandalous abdication of King Edward VIII (Guy Pearce), Bertie (Colin Firth) who has suffered from a debilitating speech impediment all his life, is suddenly crowned King George VI of England. With his country on the brink of war and in desperate need of a leader, his wife, Elizabeth (Helena Bonham Carter), the future Queen Mother, arranges for her husband to see an eccentric speech therapist, Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush). After a rough start, the two delve into an unorthodox course of treatment and eventually form an unbreakable bond. With the support of Logue, his family, his government and Winston Churchill (Timothy Spall), the King will overcome his stammer and deliver a radio-address that inspires his people and unites them in battle. Based on the true story of King George VI, THE KING'S SPEECH follows the Royal Monarch's quest to find his voice


Peter Travers, Rolling Stone: "It could have been a bunch of pip-pip, stiff-upper-lip Brit blather about a stuttering king who learns to stop worrying and love the microphone. Instead, The King's Speech -- a crowning achievement powered by a dream cast -- digs vibrant human drama out of the dry dust of history."

news/la-et-kings-speech-20101126,0,4898019.story" target="_hplink">Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times: "Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush give a master class in acting as the future king of England and his speech therapist in this engaging drama."

Leonard Maltin, IndieWire: "Moviegoers who think of period pieces--even relatively recent ones--as being stuffy or remote ought to park their prejudices and see this exceptional film. It is one of the highlights of the year."

Stars Colin Firth (L) and Geoffrey Rush (R)

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WATCH: Nicolas Cage FREAKS OUT At Nightclub

Nicolas Cage is known for his on-screen anger rages, and now, a real life meltdown has been caught on tape.

Cage, whose famous freakout scenes were cataloged in a famous viral video, lost his cool big time Sunday night outside of a Romanian night club, reports The Daily Mail.

In town to film his new 'Ghost Rider' film, Cage was provoked by something before the video started, and begins yelling obscenities and non-sensical threats to a man and woman.

Amongst the hard-to-hear lines:

"Get in that car and walk away. I'll f*****g die because of honour. I'll f*****g die right now," and, "See my eyes - respect them as you'd respect me."

Perhaps ironically, Cage directed and stars in the upcoming action film, 'Drive Angry.' Let's hope he cooled down before taking the wheel in Romania.


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Golden Globe Nominations Announced

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — The British monarchy tale "The King's Speech" led Golden Globe contenders Tuesday with seven nominations, including best drama and acting honors for Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter and Geoffrey Rush.

Other best-drama nominees were the psychosexual dance thriller "Black Swan," the boxing saga "The Fighter," the sci-fi blockbuster "Inception" and the Facebook chronicle "The Social Network."

Nominees in the Globes' other best-picture category, for musical or comedy, are the Lewis Carroll fantasy "Alice in Wonderland," the song-and-dance extravaganza "Burlesque," the lesbian-family tale "The Kids Are All Right," the action romp "Red" and the romantic thriller "The Tourist."

Bonham Carter, a supporting-actress nominee as Queen Elizabeth II's mother in the 1930s-era "The King's Speech," said the Globe nominations had some medicinal value for her and romantic partner Tim Burton, director of "Alice in Wonderland," which had three nominations. She and their children were nursing colds at their London home, while Burton was suffering from kidney stones.

She was uncertain if the Globe nomination might help secure her the same honor at the Academy Awards, whose nominations come out Jan. 25. But she had stronger expectations for co-star Firth, a best-actor nominee as King George VI, the reluctant monarch struggling with a lifelong stammer.

"I've had a Golden Globe nomination before and then didn't get an Oscar nomination," Bonham Carter said. "But I presume Colin will get one, and I presume Colin will win."

"The Social Network" and "The Fighter" tied for second with six nominations each. Among nominations for "The Social Network" were Jesse Eisenberg as best dramatic actor, Andrew Garfield as supporting actor and David Fincher as director.

"The Fighter" earned four acting nominations, best actor for Mark Wahlberg and supporting honors for Christian Bale, Amy Adams and Melissa Leo. Its nominations also included a directing slot for David O. Russell.

Wahlberg, also a producer on "The Fighter," stars as Boston-area boxer Micky Ward, who overcame family strife to get a title shot in his mid-30s with help from his half brother (Bale), a former fighter whose life unravels amid crime and drugs.

"Micky Ward was one of my heroes growing up. Doing what he did against all odds, he's just a very special individual," Wahlberg said. "Growing up in that neck of the woods and his family being so similar to mine and all the struggles, it's very inspiring."

Johnny Depp earned two nominations, as best musical or comedy actor for "Alice in Wonderland" and "The Tourist."

Along with Eisenberg, Firth and Wahlberg, best dramatic actor contenders are James Franco for the survival story "127 Hours" and Ryan Gosling for the marital tale "Blue Valentine."

Nominees for best dramatic actress are Halle Berry for the multiple-personality drama "Frankie and Alice," Nicole Kidman for the grieving-parent tale "Rabbit Hole," Jennifer Lawrence for the Ozarks crime yarn "Winter's Bone," Natalie Portman for "Black Swan" and Michelle Williams for "Blue Valentine."

The news of her supporting-actress nomination for "Black Swan" came as a wake-up call for Mila Kunis, who co-stars as Portman's ballet rival for a production of "Swan Lake."

"It's good news to wake up to, for sure," Kunis said. "Being woken up at 5:30 in the morning, it was very funny, people were screaming on the phone, and my poor dogs were like, 'What's happening?'"

Along with Fincher and Russell, directing nominees are Darren Aronofsky for "Black Swan," Tom Hooper for "The King's Speech" and Christopher Nolan for "Inception."

Nolan's sci-fi hit also earned nominations for screenplay and musical score, but its cast, including Leonardo DiCaprio, was snubbed for acting slots.

Joel and Ethan Coen's Western "True Grit," starring Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon, was shut out completely.

Joining Depp in the musical or comedy actor race are Paul Giamatti in the curmudgeon chronicle "Barney's Version," Jake Gyllenhaal in the romance "Love and Other Drugs" and Kevin Spacey in the Jack Abramoff saga "Casino Jack."

Depp's "The Tourist" co-star Angelina Jolie is among musical or comedy actress nominees. Also competing are Annette Bening and Julianne Moore as a lesbian couple in "The Kids Are All Right," Anne Hathaway in "Love and Other Drugs" and Emma Stone in the high school romp "Easy A."

The animation category is filled with blockbusters, led by "Toy Story 3," "How to Train Your Dragon" and "Despicable Me." The current hit "Tangled" also made the cut, along with the upcoming French tale "The Illusionist."

"When we were making `Toy Story 3,' I first and foremost did not have any awards thoughts in my mind at all while we were making it, especially because we had a `3' in the title," said director Lee Unkrich. "Sequels typically aren't included at awards time."

"Glee" leads TV contenders with five nominations, including comedy series and acting honors for Lea Michele, Jane Lynch, Chris Colfer and Matthew Morrison.

Other TV comedy series picks were "30 Rock," "The Big Bang Theory," "The Big C," "Modern Family" and "Nurse Jackie." Drama series nominees were "Boardwalk Empire," "Dexter," "The Good Wife," "Mad Men" and "The Walking Dead."

Hollywood's second-highest film honors, the Globes traditionally were a solid weather vane for predicting which film might triumph at the Academy Awards. But the Globes have provided murky forecasts in recent times. In the last six years, only a single recipient of one of the Globe best-film prizes has gone on to win best picture at the Oscars – 2008's "Slumdog Millionaire."

That came after a stretch of eight-straight years when a Globe winner in either the dramatic or musical-comedy category went on to claim the best-picture Oscar.

Like the Globes, the Oscars will feature 10 best-picture nominees, but in a single category, after academy overseers doubled the number of contenders so a broader range of films could compete.

With "The King's Speech" and "The Social Network" considered front-runners this time, there are prospects of another divergent year between the Globes and the Oscars, whose nominations come out nine days after the Globes are presented.

Key prizes already have gone to "The Social Network," starring Eisenberg as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg as he creates the Web site then feuds over its riches. The Los Angeles and New York film critics groups picked it as the year's best movie, as did the National Board of Review, a group of film historians, educators and students.

The Globes are presented by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, a group of about 85 critics and reporters for overseas outlets.

Ricky Gervais is returning as host of the Globes ceremony, which will air live Jan. 16 on NBC.




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WATCH: Hugh Jackman Injured On Oprah!

Famed Australian song and dance man Hugh Jackman flew into some slight technical difficulties while performing a stunt for Oprah's Australian show. The seasoned theater vet apparently had some trouble transitioning from Opera to Oprah, crashing into a lighting rig during a zip-line run from the Sydney Opera House to the talk-show host's stage. Apparently, he was too caught up waiving to friends, fans, and family below to see the approaching obstacle. The actor only sustained minor eye injuries.


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Saturday, December 11, 2010


Friday, December 10, 2010

WATCH: 8-Year-Old Gospel Star Rhema Marvanne (VIDEO)

Rhema MarvanneAmazing is a word being freely associated with Rhema Marvanne. Not just for her rendition of Amazing Grace that has had almost 2 million views on YouTube (with all her songs adding up to over 18 million views), rather ‘amazing’ is the adjective most used in describing her talent, which is stunning for someone so young.

The 8-year-old singing sensation finds meaning in singing mostly gospel music, which had been her mother’s favorite. Her renditions of classic songs are powerful and emotional and for good reason… her mother passed away from ovarian cancer when she was just three. But she uses her mother’s memory and love of gospel music to inspire her.

After she became a internet viral sensation Rhema Marvanne cut two albums, the newest being a holiday record called All Seasons which pays tribute to the likes of Mariah Carey and Elvis.And now she is getting much more exposure with being featured on 20/20, that star of hers, it is rising fast.

Check out her amazing Amazing Grace right here as well as a couple more:

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Bump Watch or Not? Is Christina Aguilera Pregnant?

SPX 041010 Bump Watch or Not? Is Christina Aguilera Pregnant?

You never know with those know with those celebrities. When they are knocked up, most of them will try to hide their belly until there is just no denying it. Others may have just suddenly gained weight, either for a roll or by indulging into many Frappacinos – the non-non fat variety. And one of  those stars who is suddenly in the “is she or isn’t she” watch list is songstress Christina Aguilera.

This week, in the wake of her leaked racy photograph scandal (lite), she was seen in Europe for the premiere of Burlesque. Check out the photos of her on the red carpet here…do you think it’s a baby bump or just too many baby back ribs?SPX 041002 Bump Watch or Not? Is Christina Aguilera Pregnant?

Christina Aguilera pregnant

Photos: PRWeb

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Brittany Mae Smith: Special Team Helped Investigation

brittany mae smith brittany smith

Brittany Mae Smith

Brittany Mae Smith has been found and she’s safe! Social media may have helped police find Brittany. But a special team from The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children stepped in to help local police with this case. According to WDBJ-TV, Team Adams was called in to assist the local police with the search for Brittany Mae.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has a program called Team Adams where seasoned law enforcement personnel with experience in child abduction and sexual exploitation travel to wherever they’re needed.  The members of Team Adams travel to aid local investigations all over the country.  In an WDBJ-TV interview, Robert Lowery, the Executive Director of the missing children division with The Center for Missing and Exploited Children said:

“These are very unique investigations so we went out and found what we consider the best of the best in finding and location children.”

Thank goodness Brittany Mae Smith has been found, it’s nothing short of a miracle.

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Crystal Bowersox: Five Things About Crystal Bowersox Untold Story

crystal bowersox

Crystal Bowersox Untold Story

Crystal Bowersox captured our hearts on American Idol, and her career is definitely taking off thanks to the show. With her debut album, Farmers Daughter, finally being released, Crystal Bowersox is an all-American success story that everyone should feel inspired by.

Here are five things you may not know about Crystal Bowersox’s untold story:

1. Crystal Bowersox didn’t tell American Idol producers her whole story, because she didn’t want America voting for her because they felt sorry for her.

2. Before American Idol, Crystal Bowersox dug through garbage cans for food and slept on park benches.

3. When her son was born, she couldn’t afford a crib, so he slept in a Moses basket on her nightstand. (Crystal did say that her son is getting a race car bed this Christmas to make up for it)!

4. Some of the lyrics on Farmers Daughter suggest that she was the child of an alcoholic, and was abused.

5. Crystal Bowersox admits that her upbringing was “dark and ugly.”

Be sure to get Crystal Bowersox’s new album, Farmer’s Daughter. It’s sure to be a hit!

Photo: PRPhotos


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Who is Crystal Bowersox Getting Parenting Advice From?

Crystal Bowersox

Now some reference Dr. Sears or Dr. Spock for much needed parenting advice. Others? They ask rock stars. That’s just what American Idol star Crystal Bowersox is doing. The songstress will be releasing the album Farmer’s Daughter on Tuesday and she’s been hitting the road, hard. While touring she got some parenting advice from an unlikely source…

The Doobie Brothers. The band who has “Taken it to the Streets”  and had their “China Grove” also are proud parents.

“Pat has been great,” Crystal said. “He was playing with my son Sunday in San Diego and gave me some advice about touring with a little one. He said don’t leave ‘em at home; you’ve got to take ‘em with you. Their boy, he said, is 20 now, and he’s toured every single year with them. This is the first year that he won’t be — he’s going to Australia. They’ve taken him on the bus every year, so it can be done.”


Photo: PRPhotos

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‘True Grit’: Jeff Bridges Oscar Buzz, Hailee Steinfeld Steals Movie

true-gritTrue Grit is the story of teen girl who hires a US Marshall, Rooster Cogburn, to bring the man who killed her father to justice. The film is the remake of the 1969 western, Jeff Bridges plays Rooster Cogburn, the role originated by John Wayne for which he won his only Oscar.

There is already talk that Jeff Bridges, who won an Oscar last year, could get another nomination for his role in True Grit. The western remake stars Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, Josh Brolin, Barry Pepper and Hailee Steinfeld.

Fourteen-year-old Mattie Ross’s (Hailee Steinfeld) father has been shot in cold blood by the coward Tom Chaney (Josh Brolin), and she is determined to bring him to justice. Enlisting the help of a trigger-happy, drunken U.S. Marshal, Rooster Cogburn (Jeff Bridges), she sets out with him — over his objections — to hunt down Chaney. The stubborn teen girl is forced to pursue the criminal into Indian territory and find him before a Texas Ranger named LeBoeuf (Matt Damon) catches him and brings him back to Texas for the murder of another man.

True Grit is based on the novel by Charles Portis and directed  Joel Coen & Ethan Coen.  The movie opens a few days before Christmas, find out more on the website TrueGritMovie.com.

Photo credit: Lorey Sebastian

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Brittany Mae Smith: Found Thanks To Social Media?

brittany mae smith brittany smith

Brittany Mae Smith: Found Thanks To Facebook?

Brittany Mae Smith has been found alive and safe…possibly because of social media. Because missing 12-year old Brittany Mae Smith had a Facebook Community Page set up for her while she was missing, more information was made available on the page that possibly helped locate her.

Brittany Mae Smith was reported missing on December 6th, after her mother was found deceased. Police have now issued an arrest for Jeffrey Scott Easley, the man who allegedly took her mother’s life and abducted her. Thanks to the Facebook page, Prayers for Brittany Smith, the police received over 700 tips.

Could social media sites such as Facebook play a major part in similar cases going forward?

We are thrilled that Brittany Mae Smith is home, safe and sound where she belongs.


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The Reason Why Jillian Michaels Will Be Adopting!

TYG 004382 200x3001 The Reason Why Jillian Michaels Will Be Adopting!Jillian Michaels made a big announcement this week. She is leaving the hit show “Biggest Loser. She tweeted that, “I want to take a year off TV and focus on becoming a mommy and doing more charity work.”  But if your thinking – with a jealous hue – how great it will be see this taut and trim uber fit lady packing on the pounds, think again…

She said in an interview “I’m going to adopt,” Michaels told Women’s Health, back in May. ” I can’t handle doing that to my body.”

Yeah, you didn’t think she’d let her six pack abs get distended and distressed by carrying a baby in her belly now did you?

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Is Reese Witherspoon’s Boyfriend Ready to Propose? Is Reese Ready?

Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth

Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth: Marriage?

Is Reese Witherspoon’s boyfriend ready to get down on one knee?

A source has reported that her boyfriend Jim Toth is planning to propose “very soon” and has picked out a ring!

The Hollywood super agent has been reportedly spotted at several  high-profile jewelers, including Harry Winston.

“He was looking for something pretty big, around three or four carats. Reese probably wouldn’t wear anything larger than that since she’s not showy,” the source told RadarOnline.com.

“Price wasn’t an issue” for Toth, especially now considering he named one of the new heads of CAA’s motion picture talent department in September.

While the source wasn’t sure when Jim would get down on one knee, the source said:

“It is expected to happen over the holidays.”

The real question is, is Reese ready to re-marry?  Will she be ready to have Jim become a step-dad to her kids?

Photo: PCN

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Thor Trailer: Marvel Comic Fans Will Love Thor Trailer (Video)

thor trailer

Watch Thor Trailer With Natalie Portman

The Thor Trailer was released today for the highly anticipated Thor movie that will release on May 6th, 2011. You can watch a video clip of the Thor Trailer below.

The Thor Trailer is sure to be a huge hit with Marvel Comic fans. Even though there are no doubt some younger kids that love Marvel comic heroes, this movie should definitely be reserved for older kids and teens.

The Thor movie stars Natalie Portman, Chris Hemsworth, and Anthony Hopkins, and from the looks of the Thor Trailer, it’s sure to be a huge hit.

Watch the Thor Trailer in the video clip below…what do you think?

Photo: PRPhotos

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James Moody Dead: Saxophonist Dies Of Pancreatic Cancer

SAN DIEGO — Jazz saxophonist James Moody is best known for his 1949 "Moody's Mood for Love," but when he recorded the hit that eventually was elected into the Grammy Awards' Hall of Fame, he said, he was just "trying to find the right notes."

"People later said to me: 'You must have been very inspired when you recorded that.' And I said: 'Yeah I was inspired to find the right notes!'" Moody told the San Diego Union-Tribune in February.

The song later was recorded by Aretha Franklin, Van Morrison, Amy Winehouse and others. Longtime fan and confidante Bill Cosby called it a "national anthem."

Moody, who recorded more than 50 solo albums as well as songs with the likes of Dizzy Gillespie and B.B. King, died Thursday at San Diego Hospice after a 10-month battle with pancreatic cancer, his wife said. He was 85.

"James Moody had a sound, an imagination and heart as big as the moon. He was the quintessential saxophone player, and his 'Moody's Mood for Love' will forever be remembered in jazz history side by side with Coleman Hawkins' classic 'Body and Soul,'" friend and collaborator Quincy Jones said in a statement Thursday. "Today we've lost not only one of the best sax players to ever finger the instrument, but a true national treasure."

His last album, "Moody 4B," was recorded in 2008 and released in 2010, receiving a Grammy nomination earlier this month for best jazz instrumental album.

Moody was nominated for several other Grammies. He received a 1998 National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Masters award and a 2007 Kennedy Center Living Jazz Legend award. He has also been inducted into the International Jazz Hall of Fame.

Moody was "a titan of our music" who was "just impeccable, his musicianship, his soul, his humor," Wynton Marsalis said.

"Moody's Mood for Love," his interpretation of the 1935 ballad "I'm in the Mood for Love," was recorded in Sweden, and it was elected into the Grammy Awards' Hall of Fame in 2001.

Moody sang the song with Nancy Wilson on an episode of "The Cosby Show" in the 1980s. Cosby also featured the song in the 2004 movie "Fat Albert."

"He has taught me integrity, how to express love for your fellow human beings, and how to combine and contain manhood and maturity," Cosby told the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Moody, born in Savannah, Ga., joined Dizzy Gillespie's all-star big band in the 1940s. He was featured in the first episode of the PBS series "Legends of Jazz," and walked an invisible dog in the 1997 film "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" when he was cast by longtime fan Clint Eastwood.

Moody performed on stages around the world, including the White House, Carnegie Hall, the Hollywood Bowl and London's Royal Festival Hall. His last public performance was Jan. 28 at a Grammy-sponsored show in Seal Beach.

Moody's talent wasn't confined to jazz – he was a member of the Las Vegas Hilton Orchestra in the 1970s, sharing the spotlight with everyone from Glenn Campbell, Liberace and the Osmonds to Lou Rawls and Elvis Presley.

Many of those artists sang "Moody's Mood for Love."

"James Moody is one of the blueprints that you measure yourself up against," said Laurie Ann Gibson, creative director for Interscope Records and choreographer for several Lady Gaga music videos.

A public funeral service is scheduled Dec. 18 at Greenwood Memorial Park, followed by a public celebration of his life at Faith Chapel in Spring Valley.

Moody is survived by Linda Moody, his third wife; daughter Michelle Bagdanove; sons Patrick, Regan and Danny McGowan; brother Lou Watters; four grandchildren and one great grandson.

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WATCH: Ronnie Talks About Wild Virginity Loss

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro was smushing way before 'The Jersey Shore,' but, well, he didn't quite have a beach house to do it in. Magro told MTV about the very cramped way that he lost his virginity on the network's show, 'When I Was 17.'

"When you're young, the place to have sex is in the car," Ronnie said. "It just happened randomly. I was with my friend hanging out on the corner and some girl walks up to him and is like, 'Your friend is hot, I want to hook up.'"

And, you'd never guess it -- he was up for the offer. Except he didn't have a car of his own, so he used his friend's grandmother's Toyota Camry.

"I went to find a quiet spot down the block, and [I thought] 'I'll do it on the hood of the car right now,'" he told the show. And his friends got a thrill, too: "My friends were watching from the car behind me!"

The episode airs Saturday at 11 am EST.


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Billy Ray Cyrus: 'So Sad' About Miley Bong Video

Billy Ray Cyrus spoke today about the video that surfaced of daughter Miley smoking the psychedelic herb salvia from a bong, tweeting, "Sorry guys. I had no idea. Just saw this stuff for the first time myself. Im so sad. There is much beyond my control right now."

The Cyrus family has been going through rough times -- Billy Ray and wife Tish announced in late October that they were filing for divorce, amid rumors that Trish cheated with singer and family friend Bret Michaels.

Rumors surfaced last week that Miley is having trouble dealing with her parents' divorce, especially the coverage of the breakup.

The video of Cyrus smoking is below.


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Nicki Minaj Wears Sheer Body Stocking

Nicki Minaj celebrates her 26th birthday at trendy hotspot Tao on Thursday (December 9) in Las Vegas, Nevada.
The "Your Love" rapper was joined by her pals Amber Rose and Cassie on the red carpet. Nicki's actual birthday was the night before (December 8).

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PHOTOS: Cher's Revealing Sheer Top

Cher took a cue from her 'Burlesque' wardrobe, it seems, at the premiere of the new movie in Spain. The 64-year old star wore a see-through sheer top and made quite the scene.


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Gwyneth Set Up Jake And Taylor's Relationship: Report

Thanks, Gwyneth! Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift came out as a couple on Thanksgiving, but it was an earlier meal that brought them together, news/gwyneth-paltrow-makes-dinner-for-taylor-and-jake-20101012" target="_hplink">reports Us Weekly.

Turns out, the turkey day love birds were hosted by Gwyneth Paltrow at a dinner party at her London home.

"Gwyneth seems to have played a role in their relationship," the source told Us, intimating that the Oscar winning actress set up the new "it" couple in Hollywood.

Paparazzi have been hot on their heels, and it's caused some problems -- news_jake_gyllenhaal_and_taylor_swi.php" target="_hplink">according to X17online.com on Friday, Gyllenhaal and Swift, being tailed in Jake's car by photographers, called the Los Angeles Police Department, who sent in ground support and even an helicopter escort.

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pirates of the Caribbean 4: First Looks!

Captain Jack is (almost) back.

On May 20, Johnny Depp will reprise the role that truly made him an icon, as he steps back into the swashbuckling shoes of Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. We've got an early look at a scene from the movie here:

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides First Look

The fourth installment of this franchise will find Jack and Barbossa seeking the Fountain of Youth.  Along the way, Depp's beloved character will meet a former flame, as seen above and played by Penelope Cruz.

"What's most interesting about Pirates 4 is you don't have to connect the dots for these subplots and sub-characters," Depp told USA Today. "It felt like a fresh, clean slate."

Neither Orlando Bloom nor Keira Knightley appears in the film. Check out two more scenes from the blockbuster HERE and HERE.

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