Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Facebook Numbers In Status: Not so fun as the Cartoon Character Campaign!

facebook numbers in statusFacebook Numbers in Status – What’s the deal with the new Facebook Trend?
Looney Tunes - Golden CollectionLooney Tunes - Golden Collection
The cartoon character pictures in your friends Facebook profiles are slowly being replaced by seemingly random numbers in users’ Facebook status.  While the number game has people talking today, it’s not nearly as fun as the cartoon characters that were all the rage last week.

What is the the Facebook number game?

While the Facebook number game allows you to interact with your friends in a virtual game where you can share the qualities of your friends both good and bad.  The real fun with the Facebook cartoon meme was that it allowed us all the reflect back on the satisfying Saturday morning of our youth with the faces of the cartoon characters that we grew up with.   Parents were able to talk about their favorite cartoon characters and share those precious memories of our childhood with our own kids.

It also helped that whether or not the Facebook cartoon character trend was a hoxmost people stepped up for what they believed was a movement to raise awareness about violence against children.  The Facebook numbers in status game is just something to help most grownups waste a few minutes of time this week.

Will you be participating in the Facebook number game?


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