Friday, December 10, 2010

Brittany Mae Smith: Found Thanks To Social Media?

brittany mae smith brittany smith

Brittany Mae Smith: Found Thanks To Facebook?

Brittany Mae Smith has been found alive and safe…possibly because of social media. Because missing 12-year old Brittany Mae Smith had a Facebook Community Page set up for her while she was missing, more information was made available on the page that possibly helped locate her.

Brittany Mae Smith was reported missing on December 6th, after her mother was found deceased. Police have now issued an arrest for Jeffrey Scott Easley, the man who allegedly took her mother’s life and abducted her. Thanks to the Facebook page, Prayers for Brittany Smith, the police received over 700 tips.

Could social media sites such as Facebook play a major part in similar cases going forward?

We are thrilled that Brittany Mae Smith is home, safe and sound where she belongs.


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