Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Numbers On Facebook Status – Next Trend

Facebook statuses containing numbers are popping up all over tonight and many are wondering what the meaning is of these status updates containing random numbers?

What in the world is going on with these Facebook status updates, and picture updates, that seem to be increasing infrequency and, candidly, vagueness, all the time?

Earlier this year, women were suddenly posting colors in their Facebook statuses. Why would anybody post a seemingly random color, such as "red" or "pink" or "white" on their Facebook status? It turns out that through a grassroots effort, women were posting the color of their bras on Facebook in order to raise awareness for breast cancer. Currently many people on Facebook have numbers in their Facebook status after the new Facebook Numbers Game that started yesterday.

Several days ago people were changing their profile pictures to cartoon characters in support of the fight against child violence.

Why are people changing their status to numbers? Women on Facebook were posting where they liked "it". Again, this was to raise awareness for breast cancer as October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Last week, the aforementioned Facebook craze involved Facebook members changing their profile pictures to a cartoon character of their youth.

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