Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Elizabeth Edwards Anticipated Death: Didn’t Want Rielle Hunter to Be Stepmom To Her Kids- Why?

220px ElizabethEdwardsReno1 Elizabeth Edwards Anticipated Death: Didnt Want Rielle Hunter to Be Stepmom To Her Kids  Why?There have been reports that Elizabeth Edwards actively (and realistically) thought about what would happen to her children if she died. One thing Elizabeth Edwards did not want in life after her death was for her three surviving children to have Rielle Hunter as a stepmom. So what did she do to try to ensure that this would never happen?

For one, she kept her younger children Emma (12) and Jack (10) far away from Rielle Hunter a source adding that “She doesn’t want Rielle anywhere near them.”

She was also concerned about having her estranged husband John Edwards have sole custody since he could someday marry Rielle Hunter (whom he has a child with) or that his travels would keep him away from home. Instead she reportedly had explored the option of having her 28-year-old daughter Cate Edwards raise them instead and that she “has been grooming Cate to take over.”

But a attorney in New York said that Elizabeth wouldn’t have that kind of option and that, “the father would have the paramount right to succeed to the custody of his natural children.

Whoever raises Elizabeth’s children, let’s hope they get all the love and support they need.


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