Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WATCH: Wesley Snipes Hoping For "Miracle"

Wesley Snipes, set to go to prison on Thursday for three years for tax issues, professed his innocence on 'Larry King Live' on Tuesday, and said he still hoped to stay out of jail.

"We still believe in miracles, Larry, so don't send me up the river just yet," he pleaded. "I was never charged with tax evasion," Snipes told the host, working to clarify the story. "I was convicted of three misdemeanors of willful failure to file a form."

That's a significant difference, his lawyer pointed out.

"Tax evasion is a felony," attorney Daniel R. Meachum said. "Willful failure to file a form is a misdemeanor.. I would venture to say, as long as you've been alive, there have probably been some friends of yours who did not file their tax return forms by April the 15th of each year."

Snipes lamented the entire system that he feels is being slanted against him.

"I'm more upset and disappointed that the system seems to not be working for me in this situation," Snipes said. "It does seem to be rather unusual, rather bizarre, when you had a prosecutor come into the sentencing and make the statement that this was the biggest tax trial in the history of the IRS."


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