Friday, December 10, 2010

Who is Crystal Bowersox Getting Parenting Advice From?

Crystal Bowersox

Now some reference Dr. Sears or Dr. Spock for much needed parenting advice. Others? They ask rock stars. That’s just what American Idol star Crystal Bowersox is doing. The songstress will be releasing the album Farmer’s Daughter on Tuesday and she’s been hitting the road, hard. While touring she got some parenting advice from an unlikely source…

The Doobie Brothers. The band who has “Taken it to the Streets”  and had their “China Grove” also are proud parents.

“Pat has been great,” Crystal said. “He was playing with my son Sunday in San Diego and gave me some advice about touring with a little one. He said don’t leave ‘em at home; you’ve got to take ‘em with you. Their boy, he said, is 20 now, and he’s toured every single year with them. This is the first year that he won’t be — he’s going to Australia. They’ve taken him on the bus every year, so it can be done.”


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