Friday, December 10, 2010

WATCH: 8-Year-Old Gospel Star Rhema Marvanne (VIDEO)

Rhema MarvanneAmazing is a word being freely associated with Rhema Marvanne. Not just for her rendition of Amazing Grace that has had almost 2 million views on YouTube (with all her songs adding up to over 18 million views), rather ‘amazing’ is the adjective most used in describing her talent, which is stunning for someone so young.

The 8-year-old singing sensation finds meaning in singing mostly gospel music, which had been her mother’s favorite. Her renditions of classic songs are powerful and emotional and for good reason… her mother passed away from ovarian cancer when she was just three. But she uses her mother’s memory and love of gospel music to inspire her.

After she became a internet viral sensation Rhema Marvanne cut two albums, the newest being a holiday record called All Seasons which pays tribute to the likes of Mariah Carey and Elvis.And now she is getting much more exposure with being featured on 20/20, that star of hers, it is rising fast.

Check out her amazing Amazing Grace right here as well as a couple more:

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