Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Elizabeth Edwards Death: Will John Edwards Marry Mistress Rielle Hunter?

Elizabeth edwards death john edwards rielle hunter

Elizabeth Edwards Death: Will John Edwards Marry Rielle Hunter?

In the wake of Elizabeth Edwards’ death, everyone is wondering what will happen with John Edwards’ mistress Rielle Hunter. The Elizabeth Edwards/John Edwards latest news has everyone wondering what will happen next. Will John Edwards marry mistress Rielle Hunter and become a new family with their child? Elizabeth Edwards’ death is so incredibly sad and tragic, and she handled it with grace and elegance by posting a touching farewell message on her Facebook page.

Elizabeth Edwards was publicly humiliated by John Edwards after his affair with Rielle Hunter, which was revealed while she was in the midst of battling breast cancer. How John Edwards treated Elizabeth was inexcusable, and the way that he broke up their family is even more tragic now that she has died. Elizabeth Edwards supposedly even worried about Rielle Hunter being a stepmom to her children, and wanted Cate Edwards to raise them after her passing.

Will John Edwards lay low for a while and finally show Elizabeth Edwards some respect? Or will he race to the altar with Rielle Hunter?

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