Saturday, December 4, 2010

Should Red Sox Acquire Adrian Gonzalez?

Some days before, the American media much fuss with the news that the Red Sox pursue Adrian Gonzalez. Red Sox management seems to have reached a decision that they have to get Adrian Gonzalez. And based on recent reports that quoted from the FanHouse today (12/04/2010), the Red Sox have a deal with Adrian Gonzalez. Should Red Sox acquire Adrian Gonzalez?

After the Red Sox lose Mark Teixeira in 2008, management has not been able to bring in new players who have ability equivalent to Teixeira. This of course affects for their game. And Adrian Gonzalez is a player who is expected to replace what was left behind Teixeira.

First-basement Adrian Gonzalez is known as a fantastic hitter. Gonzalez was also known strong in the defense at the first-base.

Adrian Gonzalez recruitment is a big step for the Red Sox. With the release of Beltre, the entry of Gonzalez is a better option for the Red Sox. There is other news that the Red Sox are also being approached Crawford or Werth.

Red Sox Acquire Adrian Gonzalez

Adrian Gonzalez

So, with the arrival of Adrian Gonzalez, the Red Sox game are believed to be much better. That is the latest news about Adrian Gonzalez.


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