Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sales of Nokia N8 Hampered by iPhone

Sales of Nokia N8 experienced little resistance in Europe. 12 MP camera phone was immediately shifted its popularity by the iPhone 4 in the end of this year.

Based on Morgan Stanley survey conducted on 150 mobile phone shops in Europe, it is known that the iPhone is the latest mobile phones have surpassed the sales of Nokia N8 with a margin of 6:1.

After all this data has a less good effect on the sales of Nokia. Nokia N8 unfinished fight with the popularity of Android, the iPhone 4 now sudden propitiate the European consumer.

As quoted from Techradar, Saturday (12/04/2010), Patrick Standaert the actor Morgan Stanley surveys expects that sales of the Nokia N8 to achieve a nine million units in 2011. According Standaert, with that number more or less the triumph of the Nokia can come back.

With ever-rising popularity of Android and the latest IOS, Symbian^3 debut on the latest Nokia mobile phones may be a bit ‘grim’. Moreover, data based research firm GfK in the third quarter 2010 Symbian OS managed to surpass Android in Asia.

Nokia N8

iPhone 4

However, if the project could MeeGo comes with a new sense of Nokia handsets, it is quite possible the triumph of Nokia right back.


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