Monday, December 6, 2010

Pearl Harbor Day

Ben Affleck Pearl Harbor

Celeb dad starred in the movie Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor Day is commemorated every year on December 7th.  The surprise Japanese attack occurred on this date in 1941.

I’m going to make a confession here and admit that until the movie Pearl Harbor came out, that was about all I could tell you about Pearl Harbor. This confession is made worse by the fact that I’m a former history teacher. But, there’s often not enough time in a school year to get to history of the 1900s.

So, the movie was a learning experience. Even though there were some liberties taken with the movie version of the events, some facts were still portrayed.

Such as:

*Because the attacks took place on a Sunday morning, many of the soldiers were sleeping.

*the USS Arizona, the USS Nevada, the USS Oklahoma, and the USS West Virginia were the four U.S. Navy battleships that were destroyed.

*The Japanese thought that they were destroying the main source of the US’s strength, but they were wrong.

*The attack on Pearl Harbor was the largest deadly attack on the US until 9/11.

So, though it might not have been completely historically accurate, the movie Pearl Harbor helps the generations that weren’t around to see it happen understand the significance of the day.

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