Monday, December 6, 2010

How Did Dad Dandy Don Meredith Get His Nickname?

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How did Dandy Don Meredith get his nickname?

The great “Monday Night Football” announcer Don Meredith’s death Sunday night seems surreal because in life Dandy Don was such a buoyant, lively personality. As a co-announcer with Howard Cosell in the early days of “MNF,” the ex-Cowboys QB was always doing silly things like singing Willie Nelson’s “Turn Out The Lights” to signify a blowout. So how did Dandy Don get his nickname?

He got the nickname because he was so affable and friendly to everyone, whether it was the towel guy in the locker room or the owner of the Dallas squad. Some say Cosell gave him the nickname, while others say he’d had it long before he began working with him. Few dispute that in his later years, Meredith felt he’d outgrown the nickname.

Dandy Don died with his wife and daughter by his side on Sunday – a sad way to end his life, but rest assured he’ll be remembered for his playing and his mannerisms for years to come.


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