Sunday, December 5, 2010

Facebook Cartoon Profile Pic News: Reasons Why Facebook Campaign

Giant 600 Cartoon PackThe Facebook cartoon profile pic news has completely taken over Facebook this weekend! Facebook cartoon profile pictures are all over the news, and people everywhere are wondering why everyone’s Facebook picture is a cartoon. The original theory for the Facebook cartoon profile pic craze was that people were changing their Facebook pictures to cartoons to speak out against child abuse and violence. Facebook cartoon profile pic news now says that the campaign may actually be a hoax set up by online child predators.

Some are saying that online child predators started the Facebook cartoon craze to lure innocent children into accepting Facebook friend requests from people who appear to be friendly cartoon characters.

There is always the possibility that the Facebook cartoon campaign is a hoax, but there are a few good reasons why it is NOT a hoax as well.

1. Not many children use Facebook. Facebook is primarily for teens and adults, so Facebook may be an unlikely place for online predators to lurk.

Facebook For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech))2. Parents are much more aware of what their kids do online. If there are younger kids with Facebook accounts, their parents will likely monitor who they accept friend requests from.

3. Online predators tend to be much more discreet. Would they really start a Facebook craze to lure kids in when they know they will likely be caught?

4. The Facebook cartoon campaign has an expiration date of December 6th. If this were really an act of online predators, why would they put a time stamp on it?

Do you think the Facebook cartoon profile pic news is a hoax?

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