Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bama Belles: Another ‘Real Housewives’ Show?

bamabelles 300x218 Bama Belles: Another Real Housewives Show?Bama Belles premieres tonight on TLC. The new reality series follows a group of Alabama women as they juggle their careers, home lives and relationships with one another.  The series looks like Real Housewives with a down home spin.

Bama Belles follows the five women in Dothan, Alabama, as they deal with everything from packed work schedules, to packing a lunch. They get down and dirty in the south hunting, fishing, four wheeling and tailgating at stock car races.  The Bama Belles include:

Amie Pollard – a 39 year old mother, radio personality and real estate developer who is brash and unapologetic. She is everyone’s best friend, that is, until you cross her. She and her family are completely self made.

Melissa McLaney – a 35 year old mother, ex beauty queen and business owner who is always striving to be perfect. She gave up her well paid job to set up a family business with her husband, which they are now struggling to keep afloat.

Jana Roberts – a 28 year old preacher’s daughter and beautician. She and her husband, a former Met’s pitcher, are on an emotional rollercoaster as they go through IVF.

Val Tignini – a 26 year old internet entrepreneur who is a fish out of water in the deep south. After visiting her friend Amie while on a media tour for her website, she decides to move from New York to Dothan.

Dakota Redding - a 24 year old physical therapist and member of the army reserve. She is a tobacco chewing cowgirl who is about to enlist full time in the military.

Since the Real Housewives of New Jersey is one of my fave shows ever, I’m going to check out Bama Belles, how about you?  You can read more about the new series on the TLC website.

Photo: TLC/BamaBelles


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