Sunday, December 5, 2010

Facebook Cartoon Profile Pic News: Child Predator Rumors True?

facebook cartoon profile pic news child predator hoax

Facebook cartoon profile pic news includes child predator, hoax rumors

Facebook cartoon profile pic news includes child predator rumors and whether the Facebook cartoon profile pics campaign is all just a hoax.

While the intent of the Facebook cartoon profile pics was to raise awareness about violence against children, some are questioning if the Facebook cartoon character campaign is a hoax or if it’s a legit cause.

Was Facebook cartoon profile pic news aobut the campaign being a hoax just an unfounded rumor to add controversy to something that most people have been participating in for fun and to support a good cause?

Still, warnings of the Facebook cartoon character profile pic campaign being a hoax are popping up, with some pointing to a group of pedophiles originating the campaign to target children.

Are the Facebook cartoon profile pic child predator rumors true? Doubtful, but here is one warning:

“ATTENTION! Just reported that the group that started the post about changing your profile picture to a cartoon character is actually a pedophiles group that is doing this because its easier to get accepted friend requests! Please re-post.”

Do you belive the Facebook cartoon profile news about child predators?


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