Sunday, December 5, 2010

Facebook Cartoon Hoax: Should You Change Your Profile Picture Back?

facebook cartoons hoaxParents across the country have had a fun time this weekend digging out pictures of all their favorite cartoon characters from their youth.  As the Facebook cartoon character campaign nears its end, there are some who want to bring the cartoons to an abrupt end with claims of it all being a hoax by child predators.

If the Facebook cartoon character campaign is a hoax should you change your profile picture back?


While it appears that both the campaign credited with creating the cartoon profile request and the response claiming that it really originated from a group of child predators are hoaxes, the entire thing really is harmless.  There’s no real need to change your profile back to a personal photo or a picture of your kids.  In fact posting a photo of your kids instead of a vintage cartoon would be more of an enticement to the predators of the world.  

Even though the news may get you upset about the Facebook cartoon hoax just remember how much fun it was to look at all those old-school cartoons this weekend and keep a close eye on your kids online activities to help keep them safe.  



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