Friday, December 3, 2010

Are You a Twilight Mom? Come Out of the Closet!

Twilight EclipseThe Twilight Saga: Eclipse DVD will be released Saturday morning at 12:01am and I will be there.  I’m Michelle and I am a Twilight Mom. I started reading the Twilight Saga to monitor my daughters, who were reading the books (like every other girl their age).

The first Twilight book was my gateway drug, from then on I was completely addicted.

It’s no secret that the Twilight series has of fans who are not teens. The term “Twilight Mom” is a term to describe women of a certain age who love the Twilight Saga. There are legions of professional, educated women—many with children—who go weak in the knees for Edward Cullen.

The Babble article The Secret Affair Of Moms, makes the point that “Twilight is the antidote to the monotony of marriage.”  I totally agree!

The Twilight story reminds moms of that first love.  The first boy who swept us off our feet and made our hearts pound.  Sometimes it’s hard to keep the flame of romance burning when you and your “soul mate” have to pay the mortgage.  Edward Cullen is easy to fantasize about because he doesn’t leave the toilet seat up in the middle of the night.

New York Magazine wrote a story about moms who love Twilight last year during the Twilight Saga: New Moon fan frenzy:

And, as it turns out, a large percentage of devoted fans of Meyer’s four novels and two films are smart, sophisticated, well-read mothers. Perhaps because the love story at the crux of the saga is unconventionally adolescent.

I just found out this week that a few of my fellow Famecrawler contributors share my obsession.  If you’re a secret Twilight Mom, come out of the closet.  You are not alone!


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