Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wikileaks Servers Host to OVH French

Once expelled from Amazon’s servers, Wikileaks is now trying to find a new place to be able to continue operating. It is said that a site that likes to uncover the country’s secret documents are now hosted on the largest Internet providers in France.

After receiving U.S. government intervention, Amazon has been the Wikileaks shelter center was forced to take kicked. But do not stop there, the site founded by Julian Assange is also trying to find another provider.

Wikileaks Servers hosted by OVH

Reported by Gizmodo and quoted on Friday (12/03/2010), Wikileaks is now thought to have been hosted by OVH, the largest internet provider in France as well as the second largest in Europe.

Based on the ip address that is obtained by Gizmodo, we know that the server is located in the town of Roubaix.

WikiLeaks has been indeed the subject of public discussion of the world, after the so-called have a stack of U.S. secret diplomatic cable data.

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