Sunday, December 5, 2010

Teleton USA: How To Donate To Teleton, Plus Stars Who Performed

teleton usa teleton mexico teleton en vivo

Ricky Martin at Teleton Mexico

Teleton USA and Teleton Mexico got off to a great start with performances by so many talented celebrities to help raise money on Teleton en Vivo  for Teleton Mexamerica Foundation, which benefits disabled children in Mexico. The annual two-day show, which finished up yesterday, has raised $ 446,851,910 as of this morning, very impressive and already surpassing its goal of $445 million! Nose une el corazon is its motto. Read on for info on how to donate.

Ricky Martin, Diego Torres and dozens more stars lent their support to the cause. If you would like to donate to Teleton Mexico 2010, here are some links to help: The Teleton Mexico site, which includes credit card and PayPal options; and its Facebook page, which has been updated by the minutes since the telethon began.

Did you give? Which were your favorite performances?


Photo: Facebook

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