Monday, December 6, 2010

Samuel Koch Video: Watch Samuel Koch Stunt Accident Video on Wetten Dass

watch samuel koch video stunt injury wetten dass car jump

Watch Samuel Koch video of stunt accident

The Samuel Koch video shows the tragic stunt accident on German Show Wetten Dass. Watch the Samuel Koch video to see Koch attempt to jump over a moving car while wearing springy stilts.

The Samuel Koch video is a sad reminder that stunts can go very wrong, and Koch’s accident happened to be captured on camera for 10 million viewers across Germany when it aired live. YouTube and media outlets have also showed the Koch video. 

Samuel Koch’s mother was in the Wetten Dass studio audience when her son’s accident happened. I can’t even imagine the horror for his mom. Koch’s dad was reportedly driving the car.

Samuel Koch was rushed to a hospital with spinal injuries and underwent surgery. A hospital spokesperson noted that Koch is “in an extremely critical stage.”

Watch Samuel Koch video, along with Today show coverage of the tragic accident (YouTube videos are being pulled):


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