Sunday, December 5, 2010

Robert Pattinson Really Likes Kissing Kristen Stewart

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Sexy spoiler alert: Edward and Bella kiss in Breaking Dawn. Often.
In a new interview with Now magazine, Robert Pattinson is asked about making out with his real-life girlfriend on camera and says:
“When we start the kissing scenes, I forget we’re surrounded by a load of people. I actually end up getting really carried away. It’s only when the kiss is finished that my mind registers there’s actually a set full of people around, and I just walk away embarrassed.”
For an early look at Robert and Kristen Stewart getting their first base on, check out these photos and also, if you missed it earlier in the week, this video:

Breaking Dawn Kissing Scene
As for those sex scenes that have Twilight Saga fans salivating?
Pattinson says they'll be hot, but they didn't feel that way while shooting:
"By the time you guys see the nude scenes it looks really erotic because it’s been edited and you’ll have music. What you don’t see is the eight camera men, the director and about 50 people on set.”
That's okay, Rob. Most readers saw the word "nude," thought of you and stopped reading anyway.
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