Friday, December 3, 2010

Josh Duhamel Kicked Off Flight After Blackberry Tantrum

Josh-Duhamel bootedJosh Duhamel was kicked off a flight after refusing to turn off his Blackberry before takeoff.  TMZ reports that 38-year-old actor was booted from a flight headed from NYC to Kentucky after ignoring the flight attendant who tried three times to get Duhamel to turn off his phone.

Apparently, the Transformers star (and husband of singer Fergie) was texting on his Crackberry Blackberry and just couldn’t stop!

The plane was already on the runway when Josh’s bad behavior kicked in, so the plane had to turn back to the gate.  Then Duhamel was escorted off the plane US Airways personnel. The worst part about Fergie’s husband acting like a jerk?  His rude behavior caused the flight to be delayed.

TMZ reports that the other passengers were “pissed” and one passenger claimed Duhamel was “very rude and taunting a male flight attendant’s repeated requests to turn off his device.”

Nice manners, Josh!  I hope Fergie puts him in time out tonight for his tantrum!

Photo: PacificCoastNews


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