Saturday, December 4, 2010

Get Fat Albert Characters Pictures Here: Which Was Your Favorite?

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Fat Albert characters pictures: Which did you like best?

Looking for Fat Albert characters cartoon pictures for your Facebook profile? We’ve got you covered. Here’s links to a number of Fat Albert-oriented sites, including one with videos, one with black and white photos (for the more sophisticated profile pic) and some history on Bill Cosby’s creation, and, if you’re in the mood to groove, the Fat Albert theme song.

Fat Albert was more than just a cartoon, though. It was the first animated series to focus on African Americans. Unlike HeMan or She ra, it was set in the real world, and Cosby drew on his PHD to weave social, cultural and economic issues into each episode, while still drawing kids in with that awesome “hey, hey, hey.”

So which character was your favorite growing up? I liked Albert, because he was sweet and looked out for the others. Leave your response below!

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