Thursday, December 2, 2010

FIFA World Cup 2018: Dad David Beckham, Prince William Fail to Sway Voters

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Prince William failed to sway voters in his FIFA presentation this morning

Apparently the World Cup bid committee wasn’t impressed by the likes of David Beckham, a dad of three, and Prince William, son of the late Princess Diana. Amid what’s sure to be huge backlash, the FIFA World Cup 2018 was awarded to Russia. The British newspapers are already in agony, with the Guardian calling the decision a “humiliation.”

So did Beckham lack the star power to convince the committee that England deserved the bid? Word is he and Prince William were not as compelling as some other speakers – even on the British delegation. (Confession: I love Beckham, and it would have been neat to see him play in front of his kids in his home country.) Of course there’s also already whispers that Russia got the bid by less-than-honest means, with allegations of money coming into play.

What do you think – did the right country win?



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