Saturday, December 4, 2010

Facebook Cartoon Profile Pic: Road Runner Cartoon, Snoopy Pictures, Bugs Bunny Pictures Make A Comeback!

roadrunner cartoon

Facebook Cartoon Profile Pic: Roadrunner cartoon

The Facebook cartoon profile pic meme is off the hook on Facebook this weekend! Millions of people are standing up to child abuse and child violence by changing their Facebook profile pictures to old cartoon characters pictures. The goal of the meme is to not see a human face on Facebook until Monday, December 6th. Some of the most popular Facebook cartoon profile pics are the Road Runner cartoon, Snoopy Pictures, and Bugs Bunny Pictures, which are all making a huge comeback thanks to Facebook!

Other Facebook cartoon profile pics that people are selecting include the Peanuts Gang, Charlie Brown, and even the Tasmanian Devil Facebook cartoon is showing up!

Here are some Facebook cartoon profile pics that you can grab and post to your own Facebook profile!

bugs bunny pictures

Bugs Bunny Pictures

bugs bunny pictures

More Bugs Bunny

snoopy pictures

Snoopy Pictures Peanuts Gang

snoopy pictures

A Christmas Snoopy Picture

tasmanian devil facebook cartoon

Tasmanian Devil Facebook Cartoon

charlie brown

Charlie Brown!


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