Monday, November 22, 2010

Your LAST Chance to Vote for Dancing with The Stars! It’s Easy at

Dancing with the stars Vote

Are you a Dirty Dancing fan? Did you religiously watch You’re So Raven? Or are you a Tea Partier? If you are any or all of those things you’ll probably want your voice heard on Monday. This is your very last chance to vote for the remaining dancers on Dancing with the Stars Season 12.You have three very different choices.

You could vote for the odds on favorite – Jennifer Grey. You could vote for Mr. Charisma Kyle Massey. Or you can make a call for the underdog Bristol Palin (or the tea party if that’s how you look at it). Regardless if you go for Hollywood royalty, a Disney star, or a politico’s daughter ABC makes it very easy to vote. How easy?

You could text, you could call or you could just go right…here. It really couldn’t be easier. They have image of the contestants and a great big “Vote Here” button. That’s it. You’re done. And you get 5 votes! So you can give them ALL to your favorite, or perhaps spread the love around. The choice is yours!  Get your votes in now and make your Dancing with the Stars voice heard.


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