Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ron Zimmerman Is Cher’s New Love Interest

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Ron Zimmerman is Cher's new love

Cher revealed in sit down interview with Cynthia McFadden that Ron Zimmerman is the new man in her life. Ron Zimmerman is a 52 year old director and screenwriter who also had a small recurring role as ‘Doc’ on 7th Heaven.
In the interview Cher told McFadden;

“I have a boyfriend, that we have decided that we are some place between boyfriend and best friend. …He makes me laugh more than anybody I’ve ever known. And he’s very crazy, but very smart, and very talented.”
Cher also spoke in the interview about her son, Chaz’s gender reassignment surgery.

“I have two sons. Never thought that would be, but, you know? You go through life, and you get what you get. You get what belongs to you,”

Cher’s new movie Burlesque opens this weekend, will you go see it?

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