Thursday, November 25, 2010

What Will These 9 Celebrities Be Eating on Thanksgiving? Turkey, Pie & More!

dinner1 200x300 What Will These 9 Celebrities Be Eating on Thanksgiving? Turkey, Pie & More!You no doubt have your whole Thanksgiving menu all planned out and perhaps you even have some of it prepared. Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and pie are all classics that a majority of America eats on Thanksgiving. But what will those celebrities be eating? Will they be roasting or frying a turkey?  Will there be pie or cookies? And will they add something different to the mix? Check out what these nine celebrities said they’ll be having this Thanksgiving dinner.

(from Twitter).

Milla Jovovich
“i’ve added a few xtra new dishes i’ve never made 4 this thanksgiving, like sauteed winter greens (kale, collards n rainbow chard) w garlic”

Minnie Driver
“Ok: lady fingers in soaked in sherry, raspberry jelly, home made custard, very whipped cream, all berries, banana, shaved chocolate on top”

Rob Thomas
“The day before thanksgiving. the whole clan is getting together starting tonight and kick ass food will be prepared.

“morning everyone!:) today will be a pie baking extravaganza! wish me luck:)”

Soleil Moon Frye:
“Wow, I think I have baked 16 batches of cookies with the girls for tomorrow, chocolate chip, oatmeal, sugar so far!” Later she updated with “My house is covered with flour and batter everywhere and I am way too tired to clean! Welcome to the holidays. Sending you all cyber sweets!”

Judah Friedlander
“In maryland. ready to eat a lot of turkey. but more importantly mash potatoes, stuffing & gravy – i consider that 1 dish.”

Sherri Shepard
“This’ll be my 3rd Thanksgiving @niecynash ’s house … Dirty Rice … Fried turkey … Mac & cheese … Sweet potatoes … Ham … Oh Lord!”

Tito Ortiz
“marinating the turkey to deep fry tomorrow.”

Countess LuAnn from Real Housewives of New York City
“Heading to Connecticut to spend Thanksgiving with my family! Can’t wait to eat my brother’s fried turkey.”

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