Monday, November 29, 2010

Spiderman the Musical on Broadway Will it Prevail or Fail?!?

spiderman movie Spiderman the Musical on Broadway Will it Prevail or Fail?!?

There is a whole lot riding on the success of the Spiderman musical that previewed for the first time on Sunday night. Not just the careers of the cast, the crew and the writers and the producers but there is a huge amount of money on the line. How much?

$65 Million dollars. Yes, they spent $65 million buck-a-roos on a superhero musical. The show had it’s first preview performance on Sunday at the Foxwoods Theatre. But some aren’t flocking to the theatre to see a epic soaring stageshow, some are anticipating participating in a epic flop. One man told a radio host, “I came to get a ticket because I’ve heard it’s such a disaster and this would be the first time they’ve ever run the show…I want to come and see it all go horrendously wrong.”

The huge price tag is believed to be the most ever spent on a Broadway who. But they have some pricey bells and whistles like complex stunts, special effects and music by Bono and the Edge of U2 fame.

But in the hands of Julie Taymor, who was behind the success of The Lion King, it could soar and be a huge hit. Or it could flop hard and be squashed like a spider under a brutal critics boot. The reviews will be coming in soon…what do you think, is Spiderman the musical silly enough of an idea to work?


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