Saturday, November 27, 2010

Watch Alec Baldwin Wegmans Commercials: Why is Alec Baldwin in Wegmans Ads? (Video)

watch alec baldwin wegmans commercials ads why

Why is Alec Baldwin in Wegmans commercials?

Watch the Alec Baldwin Wegmans commercials in the videos below – why is Alec Baldwin in Wegmans ads, anyway?

While Alec Baldwin’s Wegmans connection may seem a little “Huh?”… it’s actually a pretty simple explanation of why Alec Baldwin is in the Wegmans ads.

Simple answer: Alec Baldwin’s mom loves Wegmans.

The more involved answer: During a late night talk show appearance, Alec Baldwin told David Letterman that his mom won’t leave her central New York home to move out to where he is in California because she loves Wegmans too much!

Lo and behold, Alec Baldwin appears in the Wegmans ads – with his mom, no less!!

And since Baldwin doesn’t really need the paycheck, he’s donated the earnings from the Wegmans ads to his mom’s Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund. Carol Baldwin is a breast cancer survivor.

Wegmans is a local favorite where I live and if you have this grocery store chain in your city, count yourself lucky!

The Alec Baldwin Wegmans ads air in New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland markets.

Any Wegmans’ fans out there? What do you think of Alec Baldwin in the Wegmans ads?


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