Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bear Gall Bladder Uses

There is a big hit on the internet search today regarding “bear gallbladder uses”. It seems that people are curious about the usefulness of this particular organ that comes from animal to human.

As we try to find out what exactly is the benefit of this bear gallbladder, there are some interesting facts about the uses of this bear gallbladder. One thing for certain is that it produces bile that was often used in the traditional Chinese medicine.

Bile itself is a fluid that was synthesized in the liver. It was then stored and concentrated in the gallbladder and concealed into the small intestine via the bile ducts to help in the absorption of fatty acids and cholesterol. Other than that, bile also carries lots of waste products away from the liver into the intestine so that they can be eliminated.

It surely is one medicine that good enough to be used by people who wanted to lose some of their weights as well to keep in good shape. In a domestic market, it worth about $400 – $600 each, but if it’s pounded into the typical Asian pharmacies often look like, the price could go up more than 30 times of that domestic price. It surely becomes one of the most highly valued commodities on the black market.

It surely must be sold in a black market because this kind of medicine was extracted illegally from a bear. It is prohibited by law, anywhere in the world to kill a bear and uses it for trade use. This kind of business involves millions of Dollars as well many other crimes, not to mention the possible threat that it brings. Along with the trafficking as well as the smuggling, people’s lives are often getting killed because the rareness and the high value of money that it brings.

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