Saturday, November 27, 2010

Beyonce Divorce Twitter Rumor: What Does Justin Bieber Have to Do With It?

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The Beyonce divorce rumor: Twitter prank gone too far?

The Beyonce divorce Twitter rumor took off last night… but what does Justin Bieber have to do with it?

First up, there’s no truth to the Beyonce divorce rumors on Twitter – the Beyonce divorce hoax was a Justin Bieber prank gone wrong.

First, Justin Bieber took to Twitter to prank his fans by telling them he cut his signature shaggy hair for his girlfriend. This must have incited panic among those suffering from Bieber fever, so one ambitious Justin Bieber fan retaliated with their own prank.

@BieberTeamNY started the Beyonce divorce rumor as his/her own prank as a joke on Bieber, who has admitted to having a crush on Beyonce.

BieberTeamNY wrote: “RT this if you want to prank the #prankster;) #beyoncegotdivorced”

Well, retweet they did, and before you knew it #beyoncegotdivorced lit up Twitter…

Later, BieberTeamNY took to Twitter to set the record straight:

“Dear followers,

As you all know, I’m getting mad hate for “starting beyoncegotdivorced.” Before you hate, hear the story. Justin pranked us today by saying he had a girlfriend and “cutting his hair,” so we wanted to prank him back. I tweeted it, as a joke, and it got 100+ RTs. I tweeted it maybe 5-10 more times after that, then I stopped. We did it as a JOKE, thinking that Justin would get excited if he saw it because he loves Beyonce. It was NOT intended to offend anyone. It isn’t insulting “divorced people.” It was a JOKE, something half of you are clearly unable to take. It’s not my fault it became a worldwide TT. I tweeted it as a joke, then stopped completely. You all made it worse by tweeting it. Let it go. It was a joke. It was never meant to turn into any of this. So for all of you saying I’m not a Belieber and those of you wishing me dead, get over yourself. It’s pathetic. Learn to take a JOKE, then hate.

- BieberTeamNY”


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