Monday, November 22, 2010

Wwe Survivor Series Results

Wwe Survivor Series Results , WWE SURVIVOR SERIES, Cena Fired, Orton Retains title, Nexus Defeated, Cobra Lost ,Sheamus Lost, Dolph Ziggler Wins, Natalya Wins , Beth Phoenix Backed to wwe, Team Alberto Del Rio defeated By Big Show and Boyaka, Miz has not came,Kane Still holding title. Main Points of the WWE SURVIVOR SERIES 2010 1. The series continues! Bryan Daniel has another really good opening match on the card. WWE should be grateful to have him in this slot, who works in a similar role in WCW cruiserweights. Have a good opening match and put athletics. 2. Miz incredible cutting promos on the card are good. Miz with a big match on the card would be better, I’m glad to see Miz have time to see her, but felt his character would be better constructed from Bell to Bell, and not through vouchers PPV. 3. I am very surprised to see Sheamus put on John Morrison. It really shows how Sheamus came last year. It has grown from a recruit who seems to further a legitimate main eventer with the possibility of raising a star event not so great. 4. I hope that the outcome of the WWE Championship match tonight does not change the existing character of the R-Truth. Apart from singing at the crime ring and low heel almost like the character he plays. A complete tour could be fun. 5. Kaval did not show the bad card, but I do not think it bodes well for him that the crowd was not in his match. Kaval hope will bounce from here and possibly have a program with Dolph Ziggler. 6. I am disappointed that MVP was the first man eliminated tonight. He made some very good work lately and appears again on the verge of another escape. 7. The elimination match was fun but nothing special. I did not like how they eliminated Alberto Del Rio, but I do not know how they would have done. 8. Natalya victory seemed like the greatest moment of struggle by women this year. This was not a great time overall, but it was best we can hope for in the division of Diva 9. The Edge and Kane non-finish was terrible. I do not want to see Kane in another PPV main event. Next month, the TLC we should have a fun game for Edge, but I think it can be driven by Paul Bearer stupidity. 10. it’s amazing how, over Santino is Cobra. 11. So, John Cena is now drawn. I appreciate the time he was given at the end of the main event to let the message sink, but I also think that not enough of a big deal was made about Randy Orton successfully defend championship. This should be the biggest story coming out of this show. 12. Will we see John Cena on RAW tomorrow night? I think it was a bit of a disappointment that we did not get the big “You’re fired” moment tonight at the map. Why the WWE decides to reward the viewers instead of people paying for the show? 13. How to move forward with the WWE this angle? Will we see John Cena coming through a mask, as Mr. America? GM to allow the mystery superstar on its top mark to be fired by another superstar? Does that make sense? That people tonight, all for me. It was not a good PPV. There were solid games, but overall it was not worth the money. It seemed he would be the most memorable show since Wrestlemania, but it proved to be a fair of the WWE. No related posts. Related posts Details . _________________________________________ Please feel free to send if you have any questions regarding this post , you can contact on KPISP.NET ATMZ.US This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service — if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at Five Filters featured article: Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-Reporting of Falluja's Cancer Catastrophe .

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Wwe Survivor Series Results


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