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WWE Survivor Series 2010 results & highlights of replay videos: John Cena fired!

Randy Orton Vs Wade BarrettIn WWE Survivor Series 2010 Barrett took on Randy Orton for this WWE Championship bout, where Orton retains the championship belt. The match took place on 21st November at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida.

The most interesting part of this match was Nexus leader Wade Barrett selected John Cena as the special guest referee for the match. Barrett had told Cena that if raised Barrett’s hand in triumph at Survivor Series, he would be free from the Nexus team and it Orton won, Cena would be fired.

The clash started with a lockup. Orton pressed Barrett into the bend and reversed away. They locked up yet again and Orton got Barrett in a headlock. Barrett pushed him off and Orton banged him down with a shoulder chunk. Orton took Barrett to the rug and got him in one more headlock. Barrett escaped but Orton stroked him down with a further shoulder block. Barrett pushed Orton into the corner and smacked him with hits and kicks. Barrett swayed Orton into another corner but Orton clothes lined him.

Orton kicked Barrett’s and stroked him with punches and elbows. Cena dragged Orton off of Barrett, and Barrett kicked Orton. Barrett thumped and tramped Orton and stood on his back.

Barrett pushed Orton into the bend and booted him in the gut so far as Cena pulled him off. They disputed and Orton dropkicked Barrett when he turned. Orton crushed Barrett with punches and kicked him in the chest. Barrett went outside the ring.

He pinned Orton in the mid-section and pushed him into the ring stairs. He shoved Orton’s face into the rug and smashed into his back against the border of the ring. Barrett swung Orton into the steel stairs yet again and the referee Cena ordered him to get back into the ring.

Barrett went for a nail and Orton kicked out at two. Barrett took attempts at Orton and stroked him down, then tried for one more attempt. Orton kicked out. Barrett swayed Orton against the turnbuckles and stood on his chest.

Barrett kneed him in the gut. Barrett went for an added brooch. Barrett fired the headlock yet again but Orton runaway out of it. Barrett and Orton traded shots and kicks. Orton clotheslined him continually and scoop slammed him. Barrett shoved Orton into the ring post, but Orton stroke back with kicks and a backbreaker. Orton nailed him but only got two counts.

Barrett gave Orton Wasteland and went for a brooch. Cena nearly counted up to three, but Orton grasped the ropes. Barrett disputed with Cena yet again as Cena repeated him that he had said he would identify the match down the middle.

Barrett pinned Cena and Cena heaved Barrett in came back. Orton gave Barrett the RKO and Cena counted up to three, and raised Orton the winner with it Orton retains the WWE Championship title.

Finally, Cena slashed off his referee shirt and Nexus armband. The Nexus came to the ring and fought with Cena and Orton but Cena and Orton swiftly cleared them from the ring. Cena gave Orton the WWE Championship belt and they hugged. And Orton left the ring, and Cena detached his wristbands and left them in the ring. He blended with the crowd and left with his arms raised as the show ended.

Finally, Randy Orton, “The Legend Killer” was declared the winner. WWE Survivor Series 2010 highlight videos given below:

Part 1:


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