Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Oakland City Auditor Attacks Financial Reporting, CAO Lindheim Insults Auditor

This shows Oakland CAO Dan Lindheim (in photo) can dig his own hole fast. The Chief Administrative Officer of Oakland, who's days are numbered in the wake of Jean Quan's victory to become Oakland's Mayor-Elect, insulted Oakland City Auditor Courtney Ruby, saying she "clearly shows a lack of understanding of the City's financial system and the reporting of its assets," as reported by the Oakland Tribune . This blogger, who worked for two of the last three Mayors of Oakland, has seen a ton of examples of hubris, including from myself, but nothing to match what Dan Lindheim wrote about the City Auditor's Report of The Community and Economic Development Agency (CEDA), and by extension, Courtney Ruby herself.  ( Here's Dan in my video from his press conference on The Oakland Police. ) Ruby, who beat back an election challenge from Michael Killian, landing 66.93 percent of the vote, wasted no time in presenting her CEDA loan fund audit report to part of the media . (Here's hoping she looks at the Oakland Coliseum next.) Here's hoping that Ruby gets better at distributing information to all of the media, too. Like many in Oakland City Hall (except Karen Boyd and the Mayor's Office, and the Oakland City Attorney), her staff seems to think people read newspapers a lot. They don't. It's one reason why newspaper ad revenues are consistently falling . Next time Courtney, send a link to the online report to me. Right now, it's not available! But I digress. The City Auditor's Report says that CEDA had something like $14 million in loans it issued (which CEDA does to help businesses and homeowners), but had not written off. Ruby claimed this shows that the City's financial reporting system can't be trusted. If that's the case, the City of Oakland really doesn't know what kind of financial shape it's in. All of that reflects on Dan Lindheim, who's job it is to issues the reports. The naturally prickly Dan responded in a way that was politically stupid, claiming the City Auditor basically doesn't know what she's doing.  Either Dan has a good new job to go to after the City of Oakland, since Quan's looking for his replacement, or he's independently wealthy. No municipality will touch someone so willing to openly blast the results of an audit with an insult of the auditor.   Maybe Dan's going to become a blogger? Stay tuned. Oh, here's the Trib article .

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Oakland City Auditor Attacks Financial Reporting, CAO Lindheim Insults Auditor


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