Thursday, November 18, 2010

Media Take Out Enjoys Sensationalism

Sensationalism has been brought to a whole new level ever since the existence of . The top story on the page right now is in all capital letters " NICKI MINAJ IS NOW WEARING BOOTY PADS OVER HER SILICONE IMPLANTS . . . TO MAKE HER CAKES EVEN LARGER!! (PICS)" Really? What kind of sensationalism is this? After seeing Tila Tequila's (she failed to convince everyone to call her "Miss Tila) failure of a "celebrity gossip blog" (which she turned into a Tila-Only blog, because she thinks writing about celebs is boring -- even though she still has "her staff" write blog posts about celebrities while she just writes blog posts all about herself) it didn't seem like it could get any worse in the blogosphere, but this has proven it. All these outrageous headlines in all capital letters. Who would actually take this web site seriously. Part of me thought it was a joke - like or These posts get so many views just for being utterly sensational. It's sad the things that a web site will do just to get so many hits. Does it even matter if these things are important or worth writing about anymore? Look at this screenshot of the current posts: What on earth? Look at those names for posts. Those are incredibly sensational and it's unclear as to how this site can expect to be taken seriously. Any thoughts regarding this web page?

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Media Take Out Enjoys Sensationalism


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