Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bristol Palin Resorts to Name Calling

Bristol Palin should have known better - especially since she is in the public eye. Palin used a homophobic slur to attack a Facebook user who was bad mouthing her mother's reality TV show. People in general need to stop thinking it's okay to use homophobic phrases in order to insult another person. There are many people on twitter (one person even unfollowed me for this reason) who say "that's gay" when meaning stupid. It is never okay for someone to say that, because gay does not mean stupid. Gay is not a synonym for anything negative and it's unclear how people began doing this. They brush it off and say they don't mean to be offensive, but they are being offensive it doesn't matter if it is on purpose or not. Going around saying the n-word, but then saying that it wasn't meant to be offensive is not right either. Anyway, Dr. Drew Pinsky was on CNN last night (and I watched it!) and spoke a little bit about what the 20-year-old had commented on. Here's a screenshot of her public Facebook apology:

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Bristol Palin Resorts to Name Calling


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