Monday, November 22, 2010

Bristol Palin Dancing with the Stars: If Bristol Palin Wins DWTS, Will You Stop Watching?

bristol palin dancing with the stars dwts finals win stop watching

Will you stop watching DWTS if Bristol Palin wins?

Bristol Palin’s Dancing with the Stars finals performance begs the question: “If Bristol Palin wins DWTS, will you stop watching?”

Blog comment sections and message boards have lit up with Bristol Palin Dancing with the Stars haters who say they will stop watching DWTS if the “teen activist” wins the competition.

Which camp do you fall in – will you stop watching DWTS if Bristol Palin wins? Or will you continue to watch future seasons? 

I understand the disappointment, really I do. Dancing with the Stars is supposed to be a talent competition, but due to either political and/or popularity reasons, Bristol Palin inexplicably advanced to the DWTS finals.

It sure wasn’t a result of her stellar dancing. Had dance talent been the only criteria, we’d be seeing Brandy in the Dancing with the Stars finale.

Still, is Bristol Palin winning DWTS enough to make you quit the show altogether?

After all, it is just a reality series and one for entertainment purposes – while talent should probably be the one and only factor for winning the Dancing with the Stars competition, it’s never been entirely the case.

DWTS has confirmed that the voting is entirely fair, so an uproar over cheating the system is no longer an issue.

Is it worth it to you to stop watching Dancing with the Stars because Bristol as a “star” is below D-list level and has the least talent in the competition – yet she moved to the finals?

Yeah, maybe. But at the end of the day, there will  just be a new crop of celebs on Dancing with the Stars season 12 to root for or complain about.

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